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May 8, 2000

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The lottery results for the Fall, 2000 Clinical Education Program are posted outside Suite 600 and are available below.  The following students will be permitted to register on line when registration for Fall, 2000 is opened.  You must register for the In-House classes indicated below.  If you decide that you are no longer interested in Law Offices for Fall, 2000, please let Michele Boyle in Room 619 know so that place can be given to a student on the waiting list. 

Mediation & Other ADR          Labor/Employment/Civil Rights              Criminal Defense

David Beilinson                              Erickson Albrecht                                      Andrew Stolfi
Malini Akula                                  Richard Egan                                             Peter McLeod
Jason Miller                                   Scott Paccagnini                                        Martin Burzawa
Dana Rosenthal                             Raegan Smith                                             Misti Floyd
Jennifer Tryzna                              Kate Woodward                                        Param Pabla
Carolyn Dow                                 Michelle Venci                                           Kelly Grekstas
                                                     Robert Fink                                                Degee Wilhelm
                                                     Seth Feldman                                             Amy Weisberg
Health                                           Scott Patton                                              Cameron Nelson
                                                     Brett Cummins                                           Laura Kieszkowski
Rebecca Levin                              Lisa Stauff                                                  Edward Lim
May Chiranand                              Jay Oresno                                                Todd Wallace
Anja Hubacher                              Sarah Fransenc                                          Scott Spiegel
Kerry Rost                                    Yanhua Chao                                             Crystal Morrison
Angela Nelson                               Jessica Weiner                                           Megan Oliver
Rita Alonistiotis                             Rosa Marie Silva                                        Mark Brookstein
                                                     Nathan Goldenson                                      Sarah Burke
                                                     Paolo Rivera                                               Melissa Wilson
                                                    Melinda Steffen

Tax                                              First Defense Legal Aid

Derrick Smith                                Will Thomas 
Stephanie Sauve                             Chantal Host
Mike McGrane                              Alexis Nelson
Brenda Villarreal 

The list of students on the waiting list is posted outside of Suite 600.


First Defense Legal Aid (FDLA), the only program of its kind in the country, fills the gap in Illinois'
public defender system by providing 24-hour free legal representation to adults and children in police
custody or under police investigation.  FDLA provides a unique "frontline" criminal defense
experience for students, enabling them to see: how evidence is collected and created; the tactics of
the Chicago Police Department when trying to extract a confession or question witnesses; the role
that the Cook County State's Attorney's Felony Review Team plays during the beginning stages of a
criminal investigation; and the utter vulnerability of children and adults when under intensive and
sometimes abusive interrogation.  In addition to this stationhouse representation, DSLA also works
toward the permanent improvement of our criminal justice system by educating the public, organizing
community residents to combat police misconduct, by engaging in legislative and community
advocacy, investigating patterns of misconduct by the Chicago Police, taking select criminal defense
cases to trial, and initiating 42 U.S.C. §1983 litigation to improve the policies and procedures of the
Chicago Police as they relate to the treatment of persons in police custody. 

Students participating in the FDLA class must be eligible for a Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711
license.  Students representing FDLA clients at Chicago Police Stations will gain unique insight into
the criminal justice system at its earliest stage and be able to: 

1. View and Document Line-Ups, DNA testing, and Halt Lie Detector Tests. 
2. Assert a Client's 5th Amendment Right to Remain Silent and 6th Amendment Right to Counsel. 
3. Gather Information from the Police on the Progress of the Investigation. 
4. Document Police Brutality and other Misconduct. 
5. Counsel Clients and Provide Information to their Families. 
6. Interview Witnesses. 
7. Demand a Client's Immediate Release at the Police Station and in Court. 


Richard Kling and criminal clinic students Monica Lepe-Negrette, Kathleen Moriarty and Susana Ortiz were recently featured in a Voice of America “This Week” story about the death penalty in Illinois.  The story was broadcast on Voice of America TV, and via the Internet at


The Law Offices of Chicago-Kent offers nine long-standing programs in live-client clinical legal education which accommodate over 150 students in the fall and spring semesters and over 50 students in the summer semester. 

For a complete description of all clinical programs, please visit the Law Offices Home Page at
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