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Week of September 1, 2014


Fall 2014 Semester

The Law Offices of Chicago-Kent is accepting applications from students for the fall semester for The Center for Open Government. Students who are selected will work with Mr. Clint Krislov, a leading practicing attorney in the area of open government.

The Center for Open Government was established at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law to help ensure transparency, accountability and responsibility in local and state government. The Center identifies instances where legal recourse is needed to provide access to government information and proceedings. The focus is on particular cases challenging closed government processes under the Illinois Open Meetings Act, the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, and similar statutes; as well as taxpayer and citizen actions challenging and recovering misspent public money.

Under the supervision of Mr. Krislov, students may interview and counsel clients, conduct factual investigation and legal research, develop case strategies, collect and analyze documents, and assist in the litigation.

Students should expect to meet with Mr. Krislov on Monday afternoons at his office. To express your interest in participating in this program, please email Tracy Kish at

The Center for Open Government is a Law Offices program. Students may enroll in the program for three or four credits. During the 14 week semester students who enroll for four credits will be required to put in a minimum 224 hours at the rate of approximately 16 hours per week and students who enroll for three credits a minimum 168 hours at the rate of approximately 12 hours per week.


Professor Richard Kling was interviewed by Fox 32 about the possibility that consumers may soon be able to shop for legal services via Groupon. Watch the interview here.

Remembering the 1963 March on Washington - A talk with Clinical Professor Richard Kling

Clinical Professor Ed Kraus spoke with Peoria's WEEK-TV about the needs of diabetic children in schools and the necessity of accommodation from and education of school staff, for a story about a local couple whose 10-year old son has struggled to perform needed care on the bus:

IIT Chicago-Kent Legal Fellow/Research Associate Sarah Blenner, who works with Clinical Professor Ed Kraus in the Health & Disability Law Clinic, discussed privacy and discrimination concerns surrounding a new policy in which CVS drugstores will require employees to submit to body weight and BMI testing or face higher health insurance premiums, in an ABC 7 News story. View the video.


For a complete description of all clinical programs, please visit the Law Offices' Home Page at





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