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News & announcements for the week of
September 7, 1998

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Broadcast Messages

With the new semester starting, students, faculty, and departments will be submitting broadcast messages for posting. The policy for entries is as follows:

  • Messages are limited to 5 lines. If longer, your message will be edited.
  • Messages will be posted for no more than five week days.
  • All messages received before 3 pm will be posted at the end of that day unless a specific date is requested.
  • Messages recieved after 3 pm will be posted the next day, again unless a specific date is requested.

Please do NOT submit messages the DAY BEFORE or DAY OF a deadline.

If you have questions, please e-mail LVALENTI.

Information to Student Organizations Concerning New Record Procedures

The following information was distributed to student organization mailboxes, addressed to organization presidents, in mid-August:

Beginning this academic year, each law school department and student organization will be responsible for posting its own announcements to the Record. The Center for Law and Computers will be available to teach up to two members of your organization how to post announcements.

Training sessions will begin the week of August 24 and continue through September 16. Training will take about one hour and is required only for members who do not already know how to create web pages. If your organization has members who already know how to create web pages, they need only talk to Jim Burke from the Center for Law and Computers to find out where the Record template is on the web server and to discuss the file upload procedure for your organization. To make an appointment for training or to find out about file upload procedures, please e-mail Jim Burke at JBURKE.

The first issue of the Record will be published online at noon Friday, August 14, for the week of August 17. Until training is complete, you may submit your Record announcements to the Office of Public Affairs. Please e-mail your announcements to RECORD by 5:00 pm Wednesday. Public Affairs will post your announcements for the first five issues of the fall semester. Beginning with the September 21 issue, each student organization will be responsible for posting its own announcements.

In the attached file, you'll find a set of general procedures for posting to the Record. A hard copy of these procedures will also be put in your organization's mail box. Many of these procedures will be covered in your training course. Meanwhile, please note the new deadlines: to post an announcement to the Record for any given week, please e-mail a headline describing your announcement to the Office of Public Affairs by noon the preceding Thursday, and please upload your actual announcement to the server by noon the preceding Friday.

We look forward to your postings about events and activities. If you have any questions, please e-mail our Record editor, Linda Valentino, at RECORD, or phone her at (312) 906-5252.


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