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News & announcements for the weeks of
July 6 and July 12, 1999

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New Public Affairs Staff Member

The Office of Public Affairs is pleased to have new administrative assistant, Susan Pierard. Sue recently moved to downtown Chicago from Joliet, where she worked in the College of Graduate Studies at the University of St. Francis. She will assume responsibility for putting together the weekly Record headline page and broadcast messages in the fall. (As always, please continue to send Record headline submissions to the RECORD e-mail address.) Please join us in welcoming Sue to the Chicago-Kent community (e-mail SPIERARD; extension 6-5252).

Chicago-Kent Names in the News

June 1999 Names in the News is now online! Members of the Chicago-Kent community appear frequently in the media. Highlights of media placements and interviews from recent months appear in the Chicago-Kent Names in the News page.

Summer Publication Schedule for The Record

Please note that The Record changes over to a biweekly summer publication schedule beginning May 24, 1999. All headline submissions must be received by noon of the Thursday prior to the issue date for inclusion in the main headline Record page of the next issue. As always, please e-mail your submissions to

The entire summer publication schedule and deadlines are as follows:

     Issue Date      Deadline for Submitting Headlines
     May 24          Thursday, May 20 (noon)
     June 7          Thursday, June 3 (noon)
     June 21         Thursday, June 17 (noon)
     July 6          Thursday, July 1 (noon)
     July 19         Thursday, July 15 (noon)
     August 2        Thursday, July 29 (noon)
     August 16       Thursday, August 12 (noon)

Also note that Orientation Week begins August 16, marking a return to the regular weekly publication schedule for the academic year.

Please feel free to contact John Young (ext. 6-5255) or Tom Shipley (ext. 6-5257) with any questions.

Special note to administrative departments and student organizations:
If you find that the content of your Record page will not change regularly during the summer, please consider altering the content of your page to include general information (such as how to contact your office) so the content does not become extremely outdated. You may also consider changing the red dateline on your page to "Summer 1999" to avoid this problem.

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