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August 21, 2000

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Considerations for Record announcements at the beginning of the fall term.

Please note that the August 14 issue of the Record is the first issue for the 2000-01 academic year. Please include any information that new and returning students will need to know as they begin classes for the fall semester. In addition, please consider re-posting important information that you included in your Record pages over the summer for those students who did not read the Record this summer.

Record to resume weekly schedule

The Record will resume its weekly publication schedule beginning with the August 14 issue. The deadline for headline submissions for the next issue is 12 noon, Thursday, August 17.

Headline submissions for any issue of the Record must be received by noon of the Thursday prior to the issue date for inclusion in the main headline page. As always, please e-mail your submissions to

Please feel free to contact Sue Pierard (ext. 6-5252) or Jon Taylor (ext. 6-5115) with any questions, or check the general procedures page to find information on maintaining your Record page.

Faculty News

Professor Evelyn Brody's op-ed piece "Three Perfect Days in O'Hare Airport" appeared in the Washington Post on Wednesday, August 16, 2000. This parody of United Airlines' popular in-flight magazine feature "Three Perfect Days in [City]" can be found on the Web at

Professor Evelyn Brody's article "Agents Without Principals: The Economic Convergence of the Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizational Forms," 40 N.Y. L.S. L. Rev. 457 (1996) was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in the HMO case, Pegram v. Herdrich, - U.S. - (June 12, 2000), at note 11.

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