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Office of Public Affairs

Headlines for the Week of August 15, 2005

The Record returns to weekly fall schedule

The Record resumes its weekly fall publication schedule beginning with the August 15, 2005, issue. All headline submissions must be received by noon of the Thursday prior to the issue date for inclusion in the main headline Record page of the next issue. As always, please e-mail your submissions to

Please remember that the main Record headline page is uploaded on Fridays at noon. All individual department/organization Record announcement pages should be uploaded on Friday afternoon so that the headlines will match the current announcements. Also, the Record archiving program runs automatically over the weekend. If Record pages are not uploaded to the server until Monday, they will not be be archived.

Publication deadlines

Headlines must be submitted by e-mail to no later than noon on Thursday for the following Monday's issue. The main headline page is posted online by the Office of Public Affairs at noon on Friday, and all individual announcement pages should be posted by the sponsoring department, unit or organization by that time as well.

Record templates

Student organizations: Please use the customizable template page to create your first Record announcement page incorporating the Record design and navigation. Check with the CLC's Help Desk,, extension 6-5300, room 525, if you have questions about posting Record announcements.

Departments, academic units and administration: Check with Sarah Cnota in the office of Public Affairs, extension 6-5115, or e-mail to obtain the Dreamweaver template for your Record page.

Dreamweaver FAQ and tutorial series launched in Web Support area of Chicago-Kent Web site

The Office of Public Affairs has posted two new tools to assist faculty and staff Web publishers who use Dreamweaver to maintain Web pages based on the Chicago-Kent Web templates. Both the new FAQ document and the first Dreamweaver tutorial of a series can be found at

The FAQ document provides answers to some common questions that Web publishers pose as they begin working with Dreamweaver on the Chicago-Kent Web site. We will add new items to the FAQ document as we make note of additional specific questions that Web publishers ask routinely.

We are also developing a series of tutorials on common Web-publishing tasks, using Dreamweaver software, for the Chicago-Kent community. The first tutorial is on transferring files to and from the Web server. As more tutorials are published, we will alert subscribers that they are available online. Web publishers may wish to check out the tutorial index page periodically as the tutorial library grows.

Please note that these tutorials are developed with an eye toward how Dreamweaver is configured for use with the Chicago-Kent Web site. Examples are derived from the Chicago-Kent Web site, and there are often specific instructions and considerations that are particular to using Dreamweaver with the Chicago-Kent templates, style sheets, and information architecture (server directory structure).

Don't forget to check out the other information in the Web Support area. Links to Web Support can be found in the Computing sections of both the Staff Portal and Faculty Portal pages.


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