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Headlines for the Week of December 11, 2006

New Chicago-Kent calendar launched December 5

A new version of the law school's online calendar is now accessible from the Web site. Simply click on the "C-K online calendar" link at the upper right corner of any page of the Chicago-Kent Web site that displays the main header and navigation menu. The new calendar address is

All information from the previous online calendar has been imported to the new calendar, and many features will be familiar to users of the previous calendar, including the specific types of calendars available, e.g., Academic Calendar, Events Calendar, Faculty Calendar, Student Administrative Calendar, Student Organizations Calendar, etc.

There are several items to note:

  1. The new calendar features a "launch page" that allows users to select which calendars to view and provides a preview listing of events for the next seven days. We've installed a shortcut link -- "All Public Calendars" -- just under the page heading (Calendar Launch Page) to help move users quickly to the most commonly viewed calendar window.

  2. Users who wish to use the launch page to select which calendars to view must click the yellow "Go to Calendar" button to see those calendars.

  3. Faculty members: The Faculty Calendar works in bascially the same manner as it did previously; however, any shortcuts you have on your computer will no longer work because the Web address has changed. You will receive a separate e-mail from John Young regarding the password-protected information in the Faculty Calendar.

  4. Some of the descriptions for previously entered events used HTML code for emphasizing text, bulleting items, incorporating hyperlinks, etc. The new calendar software has a bug that prevents HTML code from rendering correctly. The vendor is aware of the problem, and we hope a fix will be forthcoming. In the meantime, you may notice some event descriptions that display HTML tags, such as <B>, <I>, <LI>, <HREF>, etc.

In order to launch the new calendar as quickly as possible, some calendar configuration work remains to be done, particularly with respect to user account administration. Staff members who previously had posting rights to various calendars will receive a separate e-mail with more information about how to post new events. Please note that previous user accounts are no longer active. We will also continue to refine some aspects of the "look" of the calendar in the coming days.

Thank you for your patience while the new calendar was being set up.

December 18 is last Record issue for the fall term

The December 18 issue of the Record will be the last issue published for the fall term. Weekly publication will resume in the spring term with the January 22, 2007, issue. (Classes for the spring term begin Monday, January 22. The deadline for submitting headlines is noon Thursday, January 18.)

Record Templates

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Departments, academic units and administration: Check with Sarah Cnota in the Office of Public Affairs, extension 6-5115, or e-mail to obtain the Dreamweaver template for your Record page.


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