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Office of Public Affairs

Headlines for the Week of February 13, 2012

New Chicago-Kent website to launch February 22

The Office of Public Affairs, the Center for Law and Computers, and the Website Redesign Steering Committee are pleased to announce that Chicago-Kent's new website is scheduled for launch on Wednesday, February 22.

Several key points:

  1. The site will feature a new look and organizational structure that provides both topical and audience-based navigation, including pages for Current Students and for Faculty & Staff.
  2. A new online calendar will launch at the same time as the main website.
  3. The new website will feature a new Google-based search engine.
  4. Most content from the current site has been migrated to the new site; however, there are some exceptions. Content areas that do not rely on the current site's design template will remain in place on the current web server for now, and links from the new site will point users back to that content. Such content areas include:
    1. The Record, which will continue to be published as it is currently. A new approach to the Record is slated to be developed over the summer for a fall debut.
    2. Course websites that are hosted on Chicago-Kent servers.
    3. Student organization sites that are hosted on Chicago-Kent servers but are not running on WordPress.
    4. Miscellaneous online forms.
    5. Affiliated websites hosted on Chicago-Kent servers that do not rely on the current website's design template.
  5. At the time of the site launch, Chicago-Kent will begin using a new primary domain name for the website, though any web traffic pointing to the current home page at will be redirected automatically to the new home page. More details will be forthcoming at the time of site launch.
  6. To avoid as many broken links as possible from bookmarks or external sites pointing to web pages on the current site, automatic page redirects are being defined to point to the location of the content on the new website. (Such redirects don't apply to content areas mentioned in point 4 above.) External links to content that is being decommissioned may generate a "not found" page that will forward the user to the new home page.
  7. The new website will feature many new graphical and functional elements. Many of these features will be in place at the time of launch, and we will continue to enhance the site over time to make the best use of these features.

A note to content managers: Staff, faculty and students who currently maintain pages on the website will be trained in the coming weeks to use a new, web-based content management system (CMS) for updating pages that have migrated to the new website. For content areas that will remain on the current server for the time being, such as the Record—see point 4 above—content managers will continue to use Dreamweaver for updating those pages until they are integrated into the CMS. Student organization leaders who choose not to post their own Record pages should continue to submit their organizations' announcements to

Until we can undertake training of content managers for the new CMS and the online calendar, please feel free to contact the Public Affairs staff at with any requests for updating existing pages, setting up new pages, or revising calendar entries.

Record Templates

Student organizations: Please use the customizable template page to create your first Record announcement page incorporating the Record design and navigation. Check with the CLC's Help Desk,, extension 6-5300, room 540, if you have questions about posting Record announcements.

Departments, academic units and administration: Check with Jackie Seaberg in the Office of Public Affairs, extension 6-5257, or email to obtain the Dreamweaver template for your Record page.


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