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News & announcements for the week of
October 5, 1998

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Change of Division  
The deadline to change divisions for the Spring semester is Friday, October 9, 1998
Please submit your Request to Change Divisions form to the Registrarís office.  Students who change divisions will have the lowest registration priority within their starting date group for the Spring, 1999 registration.   Students may NOT change divisions during their first year of law school 

First Year Students - Undergraduate Transcripts  
Registration for the Spring semester will take place during the week of November 16.  You will  
not be permitted to register unless a final official transcript from your undergraduate school is in your law school file.  If  your final transcript has not arrived yet, please contact your 
undergraduate school and request they send a final official transcript directly to the Registrar's 

Computer Exam Sign-up 
Students who want to use a computer for their final exam may sign up in the Registrar's office  
beginning Wednesday, October 7.  If there are not enough computers to accommodate all 
students, some instructors will not permit any of their students to use computers while others will 
permit a lottery drawing to select eligible students.   Please check the second floor bulletin board 
for a list of  instructors who will permit the use of computers for their final exam. The deadline  
to sign up is Thursday, October 29.   The order in which you sign up is not relevant to whether or not you will be accommodated.  

Limited Access to Student Information System 
Please refer to last week's issue of the Record for information on the Student Information System Migration.  

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