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News & announcements for the week of
April 26, 1999

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Fall Registration This Week 
All registration forms for the Fall 1999 semester are due by  8:10 p.m., Thursday, April 29, 1999.  Students who submit their registration form after Thursday may lose their registration priority.   

Intensive Trial Advocacy 
A list of the students selected to register for each of the Intensive Trial Advocacy courses is 
posted outside the Registrarís office.  If you were selected to enroll in one of the Intensive Trial 
Advocacy 1 courses, you must register for the course on your Fall 1999 registration form. 
Failure to list it on your form may cause you to lose your seat in the class. 

Confirmation of Registration (Program Notices) 
Evening students may pick up their Fall Program Notices after 4:00 p.m., Monday, May 3rd. 
Program Notices for students in the day division will be distributed outside the Registrarís office 
Tuesday, May 4. 
Pass/Fail Elections for Spring, 1999 Courses 
The last day to revoke a pass/fail election for the Spring semester is Monday, May 3, 1999. 

Notice to Students Taking Exams on Computers  
Students who will be taking a final exam on a computer must read the Rules and Regulations Governing Exams on Computer before the exam.  This semester, students will be required to use the Exam Soft sofware as their word processor.  It is essential for students taking their exams on computers to fully understand the procedures. 

Insurance Waiver  
A list of students whose insurance is currently waived is posted on the second floor bulletin 
board.  The waiver is valid as long as you are enrolled at IIT (NOTE: If you skip a semester, you 
must reapply for the waiver).  If your name does not appear on the list and you have comparable 
coverage, you may waive the insurance coverage by filing a Petition for Waiver of the Student 
Health Insurance form during Fall registration. The petitions are available in the Registrarís 
Class Ranks  
Official class ranks are distributed to students after the Spring semester.  The graduating class 
with which you will be ranked is listed on the second floor bulletin board.  Please verify that you 
are listed with the correct class.  It is especially important for transfer students and students who 
have taken one or more semesters off  to make sure that they are classified correctly. 




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