Registrar's Office:
News & announcements for the week of
October 18, 1999

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Registrarís office on the 5th Floor  
The Registrarís office has temporarily relocated to the 5th floor (Room 525) while the office on 
the 2nd floor undergoes construction.   Room 525 is across from the lockers that are adjacent to 
classroom 520. 

Computer Exam Sign-up 
A list of instructors who will permit the use of computers for their exams is posted on the second 
floor bulletin board.   Students who want to use a computer for a final exam must sign up in the 
Registrar's office by Thursday, October 28, 1999. 

International and Comparative Law Certificate Program 
Students interested in applying for the International and Comparative Law Certificate Program 
should contact one of the directors no later than Friday, October 29, 1999.   The Directors for the program are Prof. Bartram Brown, Prof. David Gerber, and Prof. Fred Abbott. 





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