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News & announcements for the week of
November 8, 1999

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Spring Registration  
The spring registration priority list is posted on the second floor bulletin board.  Please check the 
list to verify that you are properly classified.  If your name does not appear on the list or you are 
classified incorrectly, please notify the Registrarís office  immediately.   1L students do not participate in priority registration and therefore are not listed. 

Registration forms for the Spring semester will be available in the Registrar's office next week. 

Final Undergraduate Transcript Required 
If an official copy of your final undergraduate transcript is not on file in the Registrarís office, you will not be permitted to register for the Spring semester.    

Exam on Computers - Fall 1999 
The deadline to sign up to use a computer for an exam was October 28, 1999.   With the 
exception of one exam slot,  all of the students who signed up were accommodated. The are still  some seats available.  Students who want to fill those seats should e-mail the Registrarís office (REGQ) as soon as possible.   The Registrarís office will not accept any requests after 4:00 p.m., Monday, December 6, 1999. 

Class Ranks- Advanced Students 
The graduating class with which you will be ranked is listed on the second floor bulletin board. 
Please verify that you are listed with the correct class. 

January 2000 Graduates 
Please make sure that your financial account with the university is current.  You will not be 
certified to take the bar nor will you receive your diploma if you have an outstanding balance. 
You may check the status of your account with the Bursar in room 290. 





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