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News & announcements for the week of
March 31, 2000

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Exams On Computer

Sign-up for exams on computer will take place between April 10 and April 25 in the Registrar's Office.  There will be a sign up sheet available for each course who's professor has indicated to the Registrar that they will allow students to use computers for the exam.  In cases where demand for computers exceeds the available space, students will be chosen by lottery. 

Final Exam Reschedules

The deadline for rescheduling a final exam is April 10, 2000.  Exam reschedules are strictly governed by the regulations set forth in the student handbook.  You must meet the criteria for rescheduling and receive permission from both the professor and the Director of Student Services.  In general, you may only reschedule a final exam if there is a direct time conflict with another final exam or if you have three exams in three consecutive exam time slots.  For more information see section 7.2 of the student handbook.  If you have any questions, please see Chris Matheny.

Final Exam Numbers

Final exam numbers will be e-mailed to students during the week of April 10, 2000.






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