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Spring 2002 Schedule and Registration.

The preliminary schedule of classes for Spring 2002 is available outside the third floor cafeteria; an online version is linked to this page. The Registration Bulletin and final class schedule will be distributed next week and will also be available online.
To register, go to the main Student Portal page and click on the Online Registration link. You can use any computer with Internet access, either inside or outside the Law School. Registration is tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 16 through Tuesday, November 20. You may register at any time during that period. After the end of the registration period, the registration requests will be processed according to each student’s registration priority. In other words, registration will not be conducted on a first-come, first served basis; as long as you register during the designated period, you will have an equal chance of being admitted to a class as other students with your registration priority group.

To learn what classes you have been admitted into, you must check the registration web site on or after Tuesday, November 27. Registering for a class during the initial registration period is no guaranteed that you will be admitted to the class -- you must check the web site on or after Tuesday, November 27 to learn what classes you have been admitted to.

Final Exam Reschdule - Deadline

The deadline to request a final exam reschedule is November 30, 2001. You may only reschedule an exam if you meet the conditions set forth in the student handbook. If you have a direct time conflict of two exams or have three exams scheduled in consecutive exam periods (not days), then you are allowed to reschedule one of the exams. You can access the exam reschedule form by logging in to your web mail directory. After logging in to the system, click on the Web for Students icon and then on the exam exam reschedule form link. This will bring up the form in the right-hand frame. Complete the form and submit. Your request will be processed by the Registrar's Office and you will receive a response regarding the date and time of the reschedule prior to Read Period. If you have any questions about the exam reschedule process, please contact Dean Matheny or Dean Sowle.

Registration for Exams on Computer - Deadline November 30, 2001

Beginning today, you may sign up to take your exams on computer. The registration process is on-line and availible by logging in to the Web for Students in your web mail directory. After logging in to the system, you can click on the Web for Students icon and then on the link"Register for Exams on Computer". This will bring up the form in the right-hand frame. You will only be allowed to register for exams where the professor has indicated they will allow thier exam to be taken on computer. If the option is not available for a certain course, the professor has not returned the request form or does not allow exams on computer. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Transcript Requests

Students may request a transcript by completing the Transcript Request Form in the Registrar's Office. Although, we make every effort to process transcript requests the same day that they are submitted that is not always possible depending on the volume of requests. We ask that you allow (2) business days processing time to insure timely processing of your request.

If you need a transcript immediately, you can print an unofficial transcript on the web by logging in to the IIT Web-For-Students.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 312-906-5080 or stop by suite 220 for more information.

Change of Division Requests

Upper-level (other than 1L) students who wish to change divisions should log on to the Chicago-Kent Web-for-Students prior to the registration period for Spring 2001 and submit the "Change of Division" request form located under the "Forms" heading on the menu bar. The request will be logged by the system and submitted to the Registrar's Office electronically.

You will receive an e-mail regarding the status of your request once all submissions have been processed; likely the first week of November.

First year students are not eligible to change divisions until they have completed at least one academic year. Change of division requests for the Fall 2001 will be due to the Registrar's Office in April 2001.

Pass/Fail Revocation

student's may revoke the pass/fail election and convert from the pass/fail election to the standard grading system at any time up to the last day of class for the semester or the summer term. A student may not revoke a revocation and re-elect pass/fail after the deadline for making the pass/fail election.

To revoke your pass/fail election follow the following link.

Sign in to the Chicago-Kent Web-for-Students and click on the "Revoke Pass/Fail Status" link on the left menu bar. This link is located under the forms section. Select the course for which you would like to revoke the pass/fail status and submit your request. The revocation will be logged by the system and communicated to the Registrar's Office electronically.

Once you have revoked the pass/fail election, you may not re-elect to take the course pass/fail!

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