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Bar Exam Application Deadlines
Don't forget, the filing deadline for the July exam is February 1, 2002. Applications postmarked after February 1, 2002 will be subject to late fees.
Bar Examination Cards - Available Now

The Bar Examiners Office has sent us copies of the Exam Application Card and the MBE Card. If you do not already have copied of these forms, you can pick them up at the Registrar's Office.

Bar Applications for July 2002 - OUT OF STOCK

The Illinois Bar Examiners sent 100 paper applications to us to distribute to students. Those applications have all been claimed and we will not be receiving any more. The Bar Examiners have instructed us to direct students to their web-site ( to print and complete the application. Don't forget, the filing deadline for the July exam is February 1, 2002. Applications postmarked after February 1, 2002 will be subject to late fees.

If you have any questions, please stop by the office, we would be happy to help.

Pass/Fail Elections for the Spring term

If you would like to take course on a pass/fail basis, you must notify us of your intent to do so by February 8, 2002. Section 2.4 of the Chicago-Kent College of Law Student Handbook outlines the regulations for pass/fail credit.

§ 2.4 Pass/Fail Election
A student in good standing may elect to take six credit hours on a pass/fail basis in accordance with the limitations of this section, provided that the student designates such an election by the end of the second week of the fall semester, the end of the fourth week of the spring semester, and the end of the first week of the summer session. After the deadline, the student may not convert from the standard grading system to pass/fail. However, a student may revoke the pass/fail election and convert from the pass/fail election to the standard grading system at any time up to the last day of class for the semester or the summer term. A student may not revoke a revocation and re-elect pass/fail after the deadline for making the pass/fail election. No more than six credit hours taken under this election will count toward the graduation credit requirement. A student may submit election forms for up to six hours of pass/fail; forms submitted which will exceed six hours are null and void. If a student goes on academic probation, all pass/fail elections the student made for the probationary semester are nullified.
In order to earn the grade of "pass" in a course for which the pass/fail election has been made, the student must earn at least the grade of C. If a student earns a C- or lower, the student will be awarded the grade of LP (Low Pass); see Handbook §6.6.
The pass/fail election does not apply to: (1) a course required for the degree, including Professional Responsibility; (2) a seminar, whether or not being taken to fulfill the seminar requirement; (3) a course that has been designated by the instructor before registration as unavailable for pass/fail; (4) a course offered only on a pass/fail basis, such as Law Review, Moot Court, and clinical courses; (5) the classroom component of all clinical courses; (6) LL.M. courses; (7) Appellate Advocacy and Trial Advocacy courses; nor (8) any course being taken to fulfill the requirements of any Certificate Program.
A student may not receive credit toward graduation for more than 19 credit hours graded on a pass/fail basis, including courses taken under this election and the courses listed in §2.7. Note: credits for which a student may only receive a pass/fail grade, such as Law Review, Moot Court Honor Society, the fieldwork portion of clinical classes, Independent Research or credits transferred from another law school, do not affect a student's right to elect six hours of pass/fail credits under this section.

To elect a course on a pass/fail basis, you should log on to the Chicago-Kent Web-for-Students and follow the "online forms" link to the pass/fail form. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office.

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