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Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office home page
Week of May 26 & June 2,, 2014

The Registrar's Office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm (Monday-Friday) If you have any questions regarding your academic records, the Registrar's Office staff will be happy to assist you. You can call us at (312) 906-5080, e-mail us at or stop by Suite 220.

Dean's Certificate for Illinois Bar.

We will mail a Dean's Certificate to the Illinois bar examiners for every graduating student after final grades for the Spring semester are received and processed, and we can confirm completion of all graduation requirements. We compile the list of graduating students from the list of those who submitted Applications for Graduation listing Spring 2014 as their final semester.

Bar Exams in Other Jurisdictions.

If you plan to take a bar exam outside of Illinois, you should provide the Registrar with appropriate forms for the Law School to complete as soon as possible. 

Summer 2014 Term Information.

Pass/Fail Elections.

Pass/fail elections for the Summer term must be made online no later than Tuesday, June 3, at 11:50pm. Not all courses are available for the pass/fail election. Please review section 2.4 "Pass/Fail Election" of the student handbook if you have any questions regarding pass/fail elections. In order to make an election, you should:

  1. Log into Web for Students.

  2. Select the "Take Class Pass/Fail" option under the "Online Forms" heading

  3. Select the course you would like to take on a pass/fail basis

  4. Submit your selection

The Registrar's Office will review your request and inform you if there is any problem with your request.

•Loyola/DePaul Exchange. Chicago-Kent has an arrangement with Loyola (Chicago) School of Law and DePaul University College of Law that permits students from each school to register for selected courses at the other schools. Students will pay tuition to their home school, and grades will transfer (not just the credits) and be counted in your GPA. Click here for a list of Loyola classes open to upper-level Chicago-Kent students for the Summer 2014 term; click here for a list of DePaul classes. If you are interested in taking one of these classes, please contact me. Please note: These courses may count toward a Chicago-Kent certificate program only with permission of Dean Sowle and the director of the relevant certificate program.

•Add/Drop Period. The add/drop period for the Summer will extend through Tuesday, June 3, 11:50 pm -- you may add an open class, or drop a class and receive a tuition refund, through June 3. If you drop a class after that date, you will not receive a tuition refund. Go to the Summer 2014 Quick Guide page (also available by going to the Current Students page and clicking on the Summer 2014 Quick Guide link) for links to the Summer schedule and Registration Bulletin.

•Schedule Changes. Please note the following changes to the Summer 2014 class schedule:

Administrative Law: The class meeting time has been expanded by 15 minutes; it will now meet Mon. through Thurs. 9:00-10:30am (instead of 9:00-10:15am).

Mediation and Negotiations: The listings for these courses initially indicated that students who had taken the Mediation and Other ADR Procedures Clinic could not take these courses. We have eliminated that restriction - if you have taken the Clinic, you may take for these courses.

•Classroom Assignments. A version of the Summer schedule that includes classroom assignments is available on the  Summer 2014 Quick Guide page.

•Initial Reading Assignments. A list of initial reading assignments for Summer courses is available on the Summer 2014 Quick Guide pagePlease note: If a course is not listed, that means we did not receive an initial assignment from the professor.

SUMMER 2014 - Graduation Application deadline, June 3, 2014 :

J.D. students who plan on graduating at the end of the Summer semester must submit an online Application for Graduation form no later than Tuesday, June 3, 2014. To complete the form, go to Web for Students at and click on "Application for Graduation" under "Online Forms" in the lefthand menu. Please complete every field in the form, and click Submit when done. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once a graduation audit has been performed. Please note that any changes you make to your schedule after the audit may affect your graduation requirements. You should check with the Registrar's Office prior to making any changes. Also note that, although the Registrar's Office does conduct graduation audits on all applications, it is your responsibility to make certain all requirements for graduation are met. If you have any questions, please stop by the Registrar's office.

LLM Grad. Application Deadline:
 Students who plan on graduating at the end of the Summer semester must submit a graduation application to the Registrar's Office no later than Tuesday, June 3, 2014. You are not to fill out the online form through "web for students". You will complete a paper application that is available to you from the Registrar's Office or the OILP office.

PLEASE NOTE: Any LL.M Taxation or Financial Services students who will complete "Independent Research" courses as a final requirement, should fill out an application for graduation form. If you are not taking any courses in summer and plan to graduate in summer, please notify the Registrars Office at as soon as possible.

Fall 2014 Registration. 

Final Fall 2014 Schedule and Registration Bulletin. The final Fall 2014 class schedule, the Registration Bulletin, and the course and exam grids are available on theFall 2014 Quick Guide page, or by going to the Current Students Portal page and clicking on the Fall 2014 Quick Guide link. Print copies are available on the table near the third floor elevators. 

Add/Drop Period. The initial pre-registration period for Fall 2014 classes has closed. The registration system reopened on Tuesday, May 6, at 9:00am for students to see what classes they were admitted into, and to make adjustments to their schedules. If you did not register during the initial pre-registration period, you may do so starting Tuesday, May 6. You may continue to make adjustments to your schedule until the end of the Fall add/drop period on Monday, September 8, at 11:50pm.

•Schedule Changes. The following changes have been made to the Fall 2014 class schedule:

Alternative Dispute ResolutionMediation and Negotiations: The listings for these courses initially indicated that students who had taken the Mediation and Other ADR Procedures Clinic could not take these courses. We have eliminated that restriction - if you have taken the Clinic, you may take for these courses.

Critical Legal Studies: This class has been canceled.

Entrepreneurship Law: The final schedule indicated that, if you registered for this class, you were required to register for a "tethered" section of Legal Writing 3 as well. We have eliminated that restriction - you may register for the "tethered" Legal Writing 3 section if you wish, but you are not required to do so.

Land Use: This class has been canceled.

Tax Procedure: This class has been canceled.

•Graduating Students: Reduced Loads and Tuition Discounts. Students graduating at the end of the Fall 2014 semester who need fewer than the minimum number of hours to graduate may take fewer credits without special permission. In addition, if you will be graduating at the end of the Fall 2014 semester, and will be taking more than the 87 credits required to graduate, you may receive a 50% discount on each credit you take over the required 87 credits. If this affects you, please contct me by email no later than the end of the second week of the Fall semester, and I will arrange for the credit to be applied to your account.

•Pass/fail Limitations. There are three different types of pass/fail limitations: one for classes “elected” pass/fail; one for clinical classes; and one for overall number of pass/fail credits.

Pass/fail election: Students may elect up to 6 credits pass/fail during their entire time at Chicago-Kent. This pass/fail election applies to upper-level elective courses that normally are letter-graded; classes that are only offered pass/fail do not count toward this 6 credit limit. The following classes may not be elected pass/fail: (1) required courses, including Professional Responsibility; (2) seminars, whether or not being taken to fulfill the graduation seminar requirement; (3) courses that have been designated by instructors as ineligible for the pass/fail election (these courses are indicated on each semester’s schedule of classes); (4) courses that are graded only on a pass/fail basis (as noted above), such as clinical courses, Moot Court, and Law Review; (5) LL.M. courses; (6) Trial Advocacy and Appellate Advocacy courses; and (7) courses taken to fulfill the requirements of any certificate program. Fall pass/fail registration will open shortly before the start of the Fall semester (keep your eye on my section of the Record). A student taking a course on a pass/fail basis must earn at least a C to receive a P (Pass). If you pass the course but fail to earn at least a C, you will receive a grade of LP (Low Pass).

Clinic limitation: You may take no more than 16 credit hours toward graduation for the following courses combined: in-house clinical courses, externships, and Business Entity Formation. (Students in the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (LADR) are exempt from this limitation.)

Overall pass/fail limitation: You may take no more than 19 credits total for all variety of pass/fail classes, including classes you elect pass/fail, clinic classes, and any other pass/fail-only classes. This limitation applies to courses taken with permission during the summer at other law schools (whether here or abroad), but does not apply to courses taken with permission at other law schools during the regular academic year.

Official Student Withdrawal Process.
Students wishing to request a leave of absence from their course of study or complete an official withdrawal from the university should now initiate the process online. To begin the process, log in to the MyIIT portal and under the ‘Academics’ tab, look for the ‘Academic Affairs’ channel. Chicago-Kent students should follow the ‘I want to take a leave of absence or officially withdraw’ link under the ‘Chicago-Kent College of Law’ header.

Questions regarding the leave of absence or withdrawal process should be directed to


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