Office of Student Services:
News & announcements for the week of
August 17, 1998

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Welcome 1 Ls 
Excited? Nervous? Confused? A bit of each? The beginning of law school can be an exciting (and scary) time.  If you are having experiencing any of these feeling or have questions you would like answered, stop by the Office of Student Services.  Chris Matheny, the Director of Student Services can be found in room 544.  I can also be reached by telephone at 906-5271 or you can e-mail by clicking on the e-mail link above. 

I can assist you with all matters of student concern, including academic difficulties, personal issues, and making the transition to law school.  Students with requiring disability accommodations should contact me to arrange for those services.  No need for an appointment, just come on in! 

By the way, you don't have to have a problem to come see me.  Just stop by and introduce yourself!  I look forward to working with and getting to know you. 


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