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News & announcements for the week of
February 1, 1999

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Orientation Coordinator Positions 

We are accepting applications now through February 15, 1999 for the position of Student Orientation Coordinators. The Student Orientation Coordinators assist the Student Services staff with the planning, organizing, and running of the first week of school for incoming first-year students. We are looking for two individuals who are extremely enthusiastic, organized, creative and self- motivated. The position will involve some planning work during the spring semester, but the majority of the job responsibilities will be performed this coming summer. This is a paid position and involves approximately 10 hours per week throughout the summer. For more information about the position, please contact Chris Matheny. Application forms are available on the rack outside of room 544. 

Academic Empowerment Program - Update 

For those of you who were unable to attend the open forum on changes in the GSW program, here is a summary of what we discussed:   

1) The Getting Started Workshops have been replaced by the Academic Empowerment Program (AEP).  As you were notified during Orientation, the GSW workshops were an interim measure put in place while the Academic Support Program, a program that has been in place at Chicago-Kent since 1991, was being re-tooled by the new Director, Professor Michele Baker Richardson. 

2) The Academic Empowerment Program is a  more comprehensive version of the Academic Support Program, and is designed to assist ALL Chicago-Kent students in building independent learning skills that will help them be successful in law school and in law practice.  The program endeavors to provide assistance to students from the time that they are accepted into the law school until they graduate and take the bar examination.   

3) During the spring semester, the following services will be available to ALL students: 

a) A series of 3-4 sessions held by your T.A.s assigned to each professor in which all students are invited to attend.  During these sessions your T.A.s will help you:  1) develop a study plan for each course for the semester, 2) understand your professorís style of teaching and approach to the course, 3) learn how to work effectively in a structured study group, and 4) learn how to best prepare for the examination in this course.   

b) Weekly office hours with the T.A.s for each of the first year classes.  During these office hours T.A.s can meet with your study group and/or with you individually to answer questions about the material, and to assist you with developing writing and analytical exercises for your study group. 

4) During the spring semester, the following service will be available ONLY to students whose first semester performance indicates that they are finding law school especially challenging.   

a) Weekly small group sessions with the T.A.s for each class beginning near the end of February.  The students working in these small groups will be offered the same kind of assistance with writing and analytical exercises designed to improve exam performance that the T.A.s can offer other interested students during office hours. 

b) Appeals Process.  Please note that there is an appeals process.  If any student, who is NOT invited to participate in the small group sessions, is experiencing particular difficulty with a course, that student is invited to meet with the Director of the AEP (Professor Michele Baker Richardson, Room 546) to appeal for inclusion in the small group sessions.  Students will be included at the discretion of the Director if they have made significant efforts to work with the T.A.s during office hours, and/or within a structured study group setting, and they are still experiencing difficulty in the course. 

5) We are in the process of developing a Website  (planned to be available in the Fall) with questions and tutorials for individuals and study groups to use in preparation for their courses.   The materials available via the website will be essentially the same as the materials gone over in the small group sessions.   The AEP will also offer weekly tips to first semester students to help them with preparation for their courses.   

For more details, please feel free to contact the Director of the new program, Professor Michele Baker Richardson (Room 546, e-mail mrichard) 

Teaching Assistant Office Hours 

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Strategies for Excellence: Law as a Profession 1999 

We are seeking volunteers to assist with this year's program.  Volunteers are needed to serve as shepherds and guides for our panelists and speakers.  It involves minimal commitment and is a great opportunity to practice your networking skills.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Chris Matheny. 

C.T.A. U-PASS Program 

This Fall, the Chicago Transit Authority instituted an experimental UPASS program, designed to provide deeply discounted access to all CTA rail and bus transportation for eligible students at Chicago area colleges and universities.  At IIT, undergraduate and graduate students on the Institute of Design Campus are participating in a pilot program, wherein the students pay $60.00 per semester for the pass, the amount required by CTA. This is about 25% of the normal cost and permits use of the pass 24 hours per day, seven days per week during the semester.  Winter break and summer are not currently covered. The passes were sold to ID students on a voluntary basis and 90% of the students bought the passes.  

The university is now considering expanding this program to full-time students on the Main and Downtown Campuses.  The CTA requires that a UPASS be purchased for each eligible student in order for any student, at a particular institution, to participate in the program. This survey is designed to elicit student interest in the UPASS program and help determine the best method for institution and administration of the program at the Downtown Campus.  

Although not formally confirmed, we are hopeful that students in both the Day and Evening divisions of the Law School will be eligible to participate in the UPASS program.  Program eligibility is dependent on students taking the minimum number of credit hours for their divisions.  Please see the top of page two (2) for the credit hour requirements.  

Please answer the following questions and return the survey to:  

Chris Matheny  
Director of Student Services  
Chicago-Kent College of Law  
Room 544  
Downtown Campus  

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