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February 8, 1999

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Save the Date February 20, 1999
Saturday, February 10, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Loyola University School of Law

On Saturday, February 10, the Minority Legal Education Resources Consortium will host a free program on improving exam writing skills. The program will be held at Loyola University School of Law, 1 E. Pearson, and is open to all Chicago-area law students. For information about the program, contact Chris Matheny.

Deadline - Orientation Coordinator Positions 

We are accepting applications now through February 15, 1999 for the position of Student Orientation Coordinators. The Student Orientation Coordinators assist the Student Services staff with the planning, organizing, and running of the first week of school for incoming first-year students. We are looking for two individuals who are extremely enthusiastic, organized, creative and self- motivated. The position will involve some planning work during the spring semester, but the majority of the job responsibilities will be performed this coming summer. This is a paid position and involves approximately 10 hours per week throughout the summer. For more information about the position, please contact Chris Matheny. Application forms are available on the rack outside of room 544. 

Teaching Assistant Office Hours 

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C.T.A. U-PASS Program 

This Fall, the Chicago Transit Authority instituted an experimental UPASS program, designed to provide deeply discounted access to all CTA rail and bus transportation for eligible students at Chicago area colleges and universities.  At IIT, undergraduate and graduate students on the Institute of Design Campus are participating in a pilot program, wherein the students pay $60.00 per semester for the pass, the amount required by CTA. This is about 25% of the normal cost and permits use of the pass 24 hours per day, seven days per week during the semester.  Winter break and summer are not currently covered. The passes were sold to ID students on a voluntary basis and 90% of the students bought the passes.  

The university is now considering expanding this program to full-time students on the Main and Downtown Campuses.  The CTA requires that a UPASS be purchased for each eligible student in order for any student, at a particular institution, to participate in the program. This survey is designed to elicit student interest in the UPASS program and help determine the best method for institution and administration of the program at the Downtown Campus.  

Although not formally confirmed, we are hopeful that students in both the Day and Evening divisions of the Law School will be eligible to participate in the UPASS program.  Program eligibility is dependent on students taking the minimum number of credit hours for their divisions.  Please see the top of page two (2) for the credit hour requirements.  

Please answer the following questions and return the survey to:  

Chris Matheny  
Director of Student Services  
Chicago-Kent College of Law  
Room 544  
Downtown Campus  

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