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News & announcements for the week of
AUGUST 16, 1999

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Welcome 1Ls  

Excited? Nervous? Confused? A bit of each?  The beginning of law school can be an exciting (and scary) time.  If you are experiencing any of these feelings or have a question for which you just can't find the answer, stop by the Office of Student Services.  As the  Director of Student Services, I meet with students for a variety of reasons including; academic and personal counseling, disability accommodations, administrative concerns, and just  general questions.  No need to make an appointment, just stop by the office, room 544, drop me an e-mail,, or call (312)906-5271. 

Also, be sure to check out the Student Services web-site. There is a great deal of information and links to many Chicago-Kent and outside resources.  Beware, however, the web-site, like the fifth floor is under construction!  GOOD LUCK! 

International Programs Informational Meeting 

The Global Law and Policy Initiative is sponsoring an informational meeting for all students interested in the International and Comparative Law Program.  The Event will be held on Wednesday, August 25, 1999 in the Lobby.  Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the international programs and speak with faculty members in the International and Comparative Law Program.  Please contact Lynn Lee at (312)906-5235 or e-mail for more information. 

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