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AUGUST 30, 1999

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Orientation Evaluations

Please take a moment to complete the 1999 Orientation Survey.  If you do not still have your copy, you can print an additional copy here.  Please turn in all surveys to the Office of Student Services (room 544).

London Law Consortium Study Abroad Program - Deadline 

Chicago-Kent offers a semester of legal study in London each spring semester as part of a consortium with seven other schools.  If you are interested in the London Law Consortium, you can pick up a brochure and application in room 544. You can also check out the London Law Consortium home page at  Applications and all program materials are due to me by Friday, September 10, 1999.  If you have any questions please stop by the office. 

There will be an informational meeting for interested students Wednesday, September 1, 1999.  Students will have the opportunity to talk with last year's Chicago-Kent representative to the London Law Consortium.  The session will be held from 3:15 - 4:15 pm. Please check back on this page for the room number.

Student Health Insurance 

Chicago-Kent has a new student health insurance policy!  Students now have the opportunity to choose between a basic and comprehensive health plan through the university.  The Chickering Group, underwritten by Aetna Health Care, will be the administrator for this year's health plan.  Students must notify the Main Campus Counseling and Health Services by August 31, 1999 if they intend to enroll in the comprehensive plan.  You can do this by e-mailing your name, social security number, and statement of your intent to enroll in the comprehensive plan to Vicki Dixon at  You can also fax the information to (312)808-7131. 

If you have questions about the plan, please contact Chris Matheny in the Office of Student Services or check out the Chickering Group's web-site. It has a searchable list of doctors and specialists as well as information on how to contact the insurance representatives.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

AEP Program Announcement 
How Do I Organize My Time and Prepare Effectively 

This First-Year AEP Workshop is open to all law students.  Professors provide tips about preparing for class and managing your time. 

Tuesday, August 31, 1999 
12:30 - 1:30 p.m. 
Room 510 

Student Resource Library 

The Student Resource Library, located in room 544, is full of information 
 that will assist you in your pursuit of legal excellence.  We have commercial outlines, flash cards, video-taped seminars, and various other study aids.  Best of all, they are all FREE!  You can check out any of the resources for a week at a time.  Try before you buy, or just get some clarification on that sticky rule or regulation.  No need for an appointment, just drop by and check it out. 

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