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Week of May 2, 2005

Study Breaks and Snacks!
Research suggests that you should take frequent breaks while you study. For example, some experts claim that the average person can only concentrate for about 50 minutes. After that, your ability to learn and retain information decline. For every hour that you study, you should treat yourself to a 10 minute break. We're here to help...

Reading Period Study Breaks and FREE FOOD in the Student Lounge (5th Floor)
Wednesday, May 4 at 4:00pm
Thursday, May 5 at 12:00pm - Sponsored by SBA
Thursday, May 5 at 5:30pm - Sponsored by SBA
Friday, May 6 at at 2:00pm
Saturday, May 7 at 1:00pm

Spring U-Pass Activation Period.
Spring '05 U-Pass cards will remain valid through May 20, 2005, the last day of final exams. If you have problems with your pass before this date, please see Frequently Asked Questions about the U-Pass or the CTA U-Pass website.

Student Health Insurance Announcements:
Student Health Insurance Coverage Dates
If you are enrolled in student health insurance through IIT, you are covered through August 14, 2005. This coverage period includes students graduating in May. Those of you registered for classes next fall will receive information from IIT in the next couple of weeks about next year's policy.

Summer Health Insurance Enrollment
If you are not currently enrolled in the student health insurance plan and want to begin coverage this summer, please contact Melody Jack at by May 20, 2005. The coverage period for summer health insurance is May 26 - August 14, 2005. You do not need to be enrolled in summer school to qualify for this insurance. You will pay the premium of $245 directly to the insurance company and it will not be reflected on your IIT account.

Student Health Insurance for 2005-06
IIT has selected Chickering as the provider of the student health insurance plan. The cost for an individual student to have insurance from August 15, 2005 - August 14, 2006 will be $885. During the second week of May, IIT will mail a health insurance plan brochure to all students enrolled for the fall '05 semester.
If you want your health insurance enrollment processed early, please email Melody Jack at and let her know that you want to be enrolled in the health insurance plan for 2005-06. Ms. Jack will then add your name to one of the early lists sent to Chickering for processing in mid- to late-July. Students, regardless of their number of credit hours, who submit their enrollment request to Ms. Jack will receive their enrollment information and health insurance card earlier than the standard enrollment processing.

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