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Week of December 19, 2005

Update - Spring U-Pass Distribution
All day division students who are considered full-time for the spring 2006 semester will receive a U-Pass, which provides unlimited rides on the CTA from January 17 - May 19, 2006. Status as a full-time student is determiend by your official division status, and not be the number of credit hours you take in a particular semester.

If you were registered as a full-time student by 5:00pm on December 16, 2005, you will be eligible to pick up your U-Pass during the first available distribution. Spring U-Pass distribution will take place on January 12, 13, and 17. Students will only be permitted to pick up their own U-Pass cards.

If you are not registered as a full-time, day division student by December 16, 2005, you have a financial hold on your account on that date, or you do not have an ID picture on file in the Registrar's Office by that date, you will not receive a U-Pass during the initial distribution period. Students who qualify for the U-Pass after December 16 or were not included in the initial spring U-Pass request sent to CTA will have passes ordered for them on January 23, 2006. We expect these passes to arrive at the law school by Feburary 1, 2006.

Fall U-Pass Activation Period
Fall '05 U-Pass cards will remain valid through December 21, 2005, the last day of final exams. If y ou have problems with your pass before this date, please see Frequently Asked Questions about the U-Pass or the CTA U-Pass website.

Spring Health Insurance Enrollment Period
If you were not enrolled in student health insurance this fall, you can now enroll for the spring. Spring health insurance costs $529 for the coverage period of January 13 - August 14, 2006. This cost will be added to your spring semester fees. Please submit an online enrollment form by January 26, 2006. (The spring enrollment form should be put nline this week.) Please save a copy of the enrollment form confirmation for your records. For more information about the student health insurance plan, please visit IIT's Student Health Center website or the Health Insurance FAQ. Students can also enroll in student health insurance by emailing Melody Jack at When emailing Ms. Jack, please include your CWID.

Waiving/Canceling Health Insurance for the Spring
Any student (day or evening division) enrolled for 12 or more credits in the spring, will be automatically enrolled in student health insurance. If you have your own insurance coverage, you can waive student health insurance by completing the online waiver form by January 26, 2006. If you previously waived student health insurance, the waiver will emain on your account indefefinitely unless you re-enrolled in the plan after you submitted that waiver. If you are on a F1 or J1 visa, you cannot waive student health insurance.

If you were enrolled in student health insurance in the fall and no longer want the coverage either because you have another insurance plan or are now registered for less than 12 credits, you can cancel student health insurance for the spring by contacting Melody Jack at by January 26, 2006. You will receive a $442.00 credit on your account for the spring.

Students who are graduating in December may opt to either keep insurance through August 14, 2006 or cancel insurance. To cancel insurance, please contact Meloday Jack at by January 26, 2006. Once your cancellation is processed, you will receive a credit fo $442.00 on your account.

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