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Ana Mendez MenciniAna Mendez Mencini

Chicago-Kent obtains limited usage rights from the studio photographers who take faculty portraits. Faculty members may use their portrait images for purposes related to their professional activities only. Image files may not be transferred to another institution for permanent use without negotiation of new usage fees with the photographer.

Save an image file by right-clicking on a link below and choosing "Save Target As."

How to use the images linked to this page

The link to your high-resolution photo above will allow you to save your current portrait image file to your hard drive. You may then attach it to an e-mail message to the intended recipient. Alternatively, simply send the Web address (URL) of this page by e-mail, and the recipient may download the file directly.

The recipient may use the high-resolution version to output a 300 dpi image up to about 5" x 7" print size (which should suffice for nearly all print applications), create a smaller version for the specific application, or convert it to grayscale format (a "black and white" portrait).

Other photo needs?

If you require your photo in a larger size or different format than what appears on this page, contact John Young in the Office of Public Affairs (; extension 6-5255). Original digital image files, which can produce high-resolution portraits at about 8" x 10" print size, can be burned to CD for you. High-resolution inkjet prints (5" x 7") are also on file in the Office of Public Affairs; however, the digital files available via the links above will suit nearly all purposes (a physical print must be scanned to digitize it for use in any page layout program for print work).

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