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Excerpt from “People Who Care v. Rockford Board of Education: Forced to Seek Remedies Beyond Desegregation” by Farterria G. Bundy


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This page contains an edited version of A Brief History of Brown, by Professor Steven D. Jamar, Howard University School of Law


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Photo of Little Rock Nine & Daisy Bates: NAACP Collection, Prints and Photographs Division, Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-119154 (9-18b), Courtesy of the NAACP


Excerpts from, "The Desegregation of Little Rock Central High" by Jessica McElrath


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Text of Timeline compiled by Jennifer Holladay at 



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Text of Brown v. Board Arguments: University of Michigan Brown Archive,


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Audio of Plaintiff John Stokes on the Tavis Smiley Talk Show:


The Brown Family Photo: Courtesy of Kutztown University, Brown v. Board: From Topeka Towards Tomorrow


A Personal Perspective, Brown v. Board of Education at Fifty, Cheryl Brown Henderson, Executive director of the Brown Foundation in Topeka, Kansas, and daughter of Oliver Brown, the lead plaintiff and namesake of the Brown v. Board of Education decision.


Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence, and Research


Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

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