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This web page will be used to supplement the Fall 2012 Copyright class taught by Professor Ronald W. Staudt. Course information, grading policies, attendance requirements and assignments will be posted here during the week of August 20th.  New material and changes to assignments, as well as the outlines used in class, will be posted here throughout the semester.


Here is the first assignment for August 27:

The casebook will be Gorman Ginsburg & Reese, Copyright (Foundation Press,
8th ed. 2011). For the first class, please read pp. 1-37 in the main casebook. Pay special attention to the Burrow-Giles case at page 28 and the Bleistein case at page 34.


In addition, please review the Course Information published on this website.


Review the Overview of Copyright at pp. 38-49.




For class 2 on August 29, read pages 50 -75 in the casebook.


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