Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology
Professor Ronald W. Staudt
Justice and Technology Practicum

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Welcome, Justice and Technology Practicum students. This page will serve to link you to various resources provided by the Center for Access to Justice and Technology that will assist you in researching and developing your A2J Guided Interviews®.

This web page will be used to supplement the Spring 2012 Justice and Technology Practicum taught by Professor Ronald W. Staudt. Course information, grading policies, attendance requirements and assignments will be posted here.  New material and changes to assignments will be posted throughout the semester.

For the first class on January 18: We will review the Course Objective, but there is no new reading assignment. However, because everyone should be returning from the Fall Semester's Justice and Technology Practicum I, we will jump right into the required project tasks for Week 2.

For the second class on January 25: Each Student should complete and be ready to discuss their Scope Document and Course Project Plan

Please review the Google website for the course for more information.



Home Course Information Assignments Google Site
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