Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology
Professor Ronald W. Staudt
Justice and Technology Practicum

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This web page will be used to supplement the Fall 2010 Justice and Technology Practicum taught by Professor Ronald W. Staudt. Course information, grading policies, attendance requirements and assignments will be posted here during the week of August 16.  New material and changes to assignments will be posted here throughout the semester.

For the first class on August 24, here is the reading assignment:

Ronald W. Staudt, White Paper: Leveraging Law Students and Technology to Meet
the Legal Needs of Low-Income People, (2007). PDF link

For a more extensive treatment of these and related issues read:

Ronald W. Staudt, All the Wild Possibilities: Technology that Attacks Barriers to Access to Justice, 42 Loyola L.A. Law Rev. 1117 (2009). PDF Link

Here is the skill exercise for the first class:

Explore the Illinois Legal Aid Online web site.  Locate the A2J Guided Interview that produces a petition to waive court fees in Cook County Circuit Court.  As if you were a pro se litigant, complete the interview and print the forms needed to waive court fees in Cook County, IL.   Bring the completed forms to class.

Review the Google website for the course and study the proposed A2J Guided Interview project list



Home Course Information Assignments Google Site
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