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Editorial Board



Richard Warner
Editor In Chief
Professor of Law
Faculty Director, Center for Law and Computers
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Visiting Foreign Professor,
Director Schools of American Law in Poland (Gdansk, Wroclaw), Ukraine (Kharkiv and Lviv) and Georgia (Batumi)
e-mail: rwarner(at)kentlaw.edu

Agnieszka Cenzartowicz
Senior Associate Editor
Adjunct Professor Chicago-Kent College of Law
Senior Partner, SD&Partners 
e-mail: cenzartowicz(at)emresearchers.org

Dr Tomasz Gulla
Senior Associate Editor
e-mail: gulla(at)emresearchers.org

Igor Solodovnik
Associate Editor
Adjunct Professor Chicago-Kent College of Law
Executive Director Schools of American Law, IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law  

Dr Igor Osyka
Associate Editor
Senior Lecturer, Kharkiv University of Economics and Law
e-mail: iosyka(at)gmail.com  

Laurence Taylor
Associate Editor, Proofreader

Łukasz Grzejdziak
Associate Editor

Dr Michał Miłosz
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor at the University of Gdansk
Adjunct Professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law
Coordinator of the School of American Law in Gdansk
attorney at law
e-mail: m.milosz(at)prawo.univ.gda.pl 


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