On February 18, 2000, Project Poland and the Catholic University of Lublin held a conference : Ten Years of Freedom: The Rule of Law and the Free Market Economy in Poland. The speakers were:

Minister Janusz Niedziela
Vice-Minister of Justice

Honorable Teresa Romer
Justice of the Supreme Court
President of Iustitia, the Association of Polish Judges

Honorable Marian Zdyb
Judge of the Constitutional Tribunal

His Excellence Józef Zycinski
Archbishop of Lublin

Iwona Mirosz
Deputy Director, Legal Department, Bank Handlowy

Dr. Wieslaw Perdeus
Vice-Mayor of the City of Lublin

Christopher Kurczaba
Polish American Congress, Illinois Division

Delaine Swenson
ABA/CEELI Regional Director for Central Asia
former ABA/CEELI Rule of Law Liaison, Poland

Professor Frank Kulbaski
University of Richmond, Law School,
former ABA/CEELI Commercial Law Liaison, Poland

Professor Grzegorz Górski
Catholic University of Lublin

Judge Romer, speaking at the conference

Vice-Minister Niedziela speaking at the conference.