• The Technology

Courses are taught over a video-conferencing system that allows teachers and students to see and talk with each other. The video-conferencing communication is supplemented by web sites containing a variety of instructional materials.

  • The Rationale

Distance learning makes it affordable to have extensive face-to-face communication and teaching between Chicago and Lublin. It removes the barrier of distance and links Chicago-Kent and the Catholic University of Lublin together more closely than would otherwise be possible.

  • Video-Conferencing at the Second Annual Internet Law Conference in Lublin

Chicago-Kent and the Catholic University of Lublin were joint sponsors of the Second Annual Internet Law conference in Lublin, December 16, 1999. With the help and support of Telekomunikacja Polska SA, Professor Henry Perritt, Dean of Chicago-Kent, used video-conferencing technology to speak from Chicago to an audience of over 300 in Lublin on the topic of the international regulation of the Internet.

  • Chicago-Kent, A Leader in Distance Learning

Chicago-Kent is a world leader in its pioneering efforts in distance learning (see http://www.kentlaw.edu/distancelearning). 

Dean Perritt and Dean Marian Stasiak of the Law faculty of the
Catholic University of Lublin during Dean Perritt’s visit to Poland

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