The City of Lublin has provided generous support to Project Poland. The city sent delegations of businesspersons to both the October 1, 1999 conference, “Poland: Ten Years of Freedom” and the February 18, 2000 conference, “Ten Years of Freedom: The Rule of Law and the Free Market Economy in Poland.”

  • October 2000

The City of Lublin and Project Poland are planning an event in Chicago during October, 2000, Polish Heritage Month.

  • Distance Learning in the Ukraine

The city is also helping Project Poland explore distance learning possibilities in the Ukraine.

  • Award of the Medal of Lublin Union

During the October, 1999 conference, “Ten Years of Economic Transformation, the city of Lublin awarded the “Medal of Lublin Union” to Professor Richard Warner and Professor Henry Perritt, Dean of Chicago-Kent. This award had never been bestowed before outside of Poland. Professor Warner was also recognized for his contributions to Lublin at a reception in his honor in Lublin, during November, 1999.



At the November reception in Lublin —from left to right: Ky Warner, Richard Warner, and Patricia Butenis, United States Consul General in Poland.
Agnieszka Cenzartowicz (foreground), a student at the Catholic University of Lublin and Margaret Zawadzka, Assistant Director, in Professor Górski’s office in Lublin.

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