Privacy and Security

PowerPoints                              Syllabus

I. Introduction to American Law (for non-law students)


Tutorials (go to, click on “Richard Warner,” click on “Introduction to American law.”)


II. Why Privacy Matters

Sloan and Warner, The Relation Between Privacy and Security  

A.  Privacy Values and Interests

Warner, The Problem of Mass Surveillance  
Warner, Why Mandating Consent Will Not Work  
B.  Privacy Norms  
Helen Nissenbaum, Privacy as Contextual Integrity  
Solove, A Taxonomy of Privacy edited version (in Word)  full article (.pdf)  
Bartow, A Feeling of Unease about Privacy (responding to Solove)  
Dwyer v. American Express  
Topheavy Studios, Inc. v. Jane Doe  
Remsberg v. Docusearch, Inc.  
C.  Information and Market Efficiency  

Sloan and Warner, The Economics of Liability for Unauthorized Access 


Varian, Price Discrimination


Odlyzko, Privacy and the Clandestine Development of E-Commerce

D.  An Overview of Risk Assessment  

Odlyzko, Economics, Psychology and Sociology of Security


Anderson, Security Engineering, Chapter 25.5, Risk Management

Week of March 2  
Kaczmarek v. Microsoft  
In re AOL 5.0  
In re Sony  
Week of March 8  
ProCD v. Zeidenberg  
Privacy International, Race to the Bottom  
Warner, Turned on Its Head