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April 2001
Lori B. Andrews
Distinguished Professor of Law;
Director of the Institute for Science, Law and Technology;
Associate Vice President

Should hospitals be able to sell your blood to researchers? Should researchers be able to patent your genes without your consent? Should insurance companies be able to deny coverage if genetic tests show you will become ill in 30 years?

These are just a few of the questions Professor Andrews has tried to answer in her scholarly writing by bringing a social sciences perspective to the burgeoning fields of health law, genetics and reproductive technologies.

Her scholarship in the field has been published in such noted scientific and medical journals as Science and the Journal of the American Medical Association. To date, she has written nine books and more than 100 articles, which helped earn her a place on the National Law Journal's list of the nation's "100 Most Influential Lawyers."

Andrews and her team from IIT's Institute for Science, Law and Technology are currently drafting cloning legislation for the U.S. Congress and advising European science ministers on DNA banking and embryo stem cell research. They are also working with clinical professors Laurie Leader and Ed Kraus from the Law Offices of Chicago-Kent to represent couples whose children suffer from a rare genetic disease. The case alleges that researchers did not get informed consent from patients to patent their genes.

As a Distinguished Professor at Chicago-Kent, Andrews sees her scholarship as an important way to help prepare her students for the challenges of working in a rapidly changing field.

"In some of my classes, the students are a little uncomfortable with the idea that, for some issues, there are no answers yet," says Andrews. "Then they start to get excited about the prospect that they may be the lawyers who make those answers. The fact that my legal research has been published in legal, medical and scientific journals, and deals with many issues that have not yet been addressed, sets the tone for my students. They will have a lot to offer when new issues arise."


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