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Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal

Volume 1 1997 Number 1

Title Page
Advisory Board
From the Co-Publishers
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Herny H. Perritt, Jr.
National Employee Rights Institute (NERI) Paul H. Tobias &
Wayne N. Outten
From the Co-Editors Martin H. Malin & 
Douglas Scherer
Discharge and Disgrace: A Comment on the "Urge to Treat People as Objects" Matthew W. Finkin
Same-Sex Sexual Harrassment: Can It Be Sex-Related for Purposes of Title VII?
Ramona L. Paetzold
Employment Discrimination Cases in the Seventh Circuit Paul W. Mollica
The Family and Medical Leave Act: Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Use
Holly B. Thompson & 
Jon M. Werner
How Employees Handle Employee Personal Information: Report of a Recent Survey David F. Linowes & 
Ray C. Spencer
Preview of an Essay on Legal Challenges to Downsizing
Alfred W. Blumrosen &
Ruth G. Blumrosen
Focus on Arbitration After Gilmer:
Employment Arbitration: The Repeat Player Effect
Lisa B. Bingham
Reflections on Gilmer and Cole
Susan A. FitzGibbon
NERI's Position on Mandatory Arbitration of Employment Disputes
Paul. H. Tobias, 
Wayne N. Outten, 
Douglas D. Scherer, 
Penny Nathan Kahan
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, Association of American Law Schools, Sections on Employment Discrimination Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Carol L. Izumi,
Herbert Bernhardt, 
Catherine Hagen, Paul Tobias,
Marion Zinman,
Theodore St. Antoine 
Book Review
Laboring in the Academic Marketplace:
The Case for Tenure, reviewing The Case For Tenure (Matthew W. Finkin, ed. 1996)
Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
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