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Institute for Law and the Workplace

Kenneth M. Piper Lecture Series in Labor Law


April 20, 2004

"Knowledge Workers in the New Economy: From Cliche to Contract:

Lecture: Catherine L. Fisk- University of Southern California Law School

Commentary by:

Greg W. Castle
Castle and Associates

Julia A. Clark
International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, AFL-CIO & CLC

April 8, 2003

"The Case for Sweeping Reforms of Employee Benefits: What We Should Demand of Employees, Unions and Government"

Lecture: Maria O'Brien Hylton- Boston University

Commentary by:

James D. English
United Steelworkers of America

David R. Levin
Wiley Rein & Fielding

Mary Ellen Signorille
AARP Foundation

April 16, 2002

"The Transformation of the Professional Workforce"

Lecture: Marion G. Crain- University of North Carolina

Commentary by:

Peter J. Hurtgen
National Labor Relations Board

Dean L. Manheimer
Northwestern Memorial HealthCare

Robert M. Tobias
American University


April 3, 2001 "Immigration and the Workplace"

Professor Howard F. Chang - University of Pennsylvania Law School

Commentary by:
Ana Luisa Avendaño - United Food & Commercial Workers International Union

Ethan E. Bensinger - Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, P.C.

Professor Lenni B. Benson - New York Law School 

April 7, 2000
"Labor Relations in the Rapidly Changing Workplace of the New Millennium"

Jonathan Hiatt, AFL-CIO

William P. Hobgood, United Airlines

Katherine Stone, Cornell University and Yale Law School

April 20, 1999 "Is the World of Work Really Changing?"

Professor Peter Cappelli, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Sanford M. Jacoby, UCLA

Commentary: Marilyn P. Maledon; Rockwell International Corporation; Kathryn A. Sure; Wylie, McBride, Jesinger, Sure &

April 16, 1998 "The Globalization of Labor Markets: Its Impact on Labor Law and Labor Relations in the United States."

 Thomas A. Kochan, George M. Bunker Professor of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Commentary: Janice R. Bellace, Samuel Blank Professor of Legal Studies and Professor of Legal Studies and Management, University of Pennsylvania; William L. Keller, Senior Partner, Clark, West, Keller, Butler & Ellis; Mark Levinson, Chief Economist and Director of Policy, Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE), AFL-CIO, CLC

April 15, 1997 "The Role of Politics in the Administration of the Law Governing the Workplace."

James Gross, Professor of Industrial Relations, Cornell University

Commentary: George Cohen, Bredhoff & Kaiser; Lynn Martin, Deloitte & Touche; James Warren, Chicago Tribune

April 9, 1996 "Privacy in the Workplace."

Matthew W. Finkin, Albert J. Harno Professor of Law, University of Illinois

Alan F. Westin, Professor of Public Law & Government, Columbia University

Commentary: James Adler, Irell & Manella; Kevin J. Conlon, District Counsel, Communications Workers of America

April 11, 1995 "Tensions Between Regulating Work Place Harassment and the First Amendment."

Linda Greene, Professor of Law, Univ. Of Wis.-Madison

Nadene Strossen, Professor of Law, NY Law School, Pres. ACLU Commentary: Gilbert Casellas, Chair EEOC

April 12, 1994 "The Overworked American: Economic Reality and Legal Response?"

Juliet B. Schor, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer on Economics and Director of Studies, Women's Studies Program, Harvard University

Alice Audie-Figueroa, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Research Department, International Union, UAW

Brian Langille, Professor of Law, University of Toronto

Christopher Cimino, Senior Consultant, John Sheridan Associates, Inc.

March 23, 1993 "The Future of Collective Representation of American Workers"

Lynn R. Williams, International President, United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO/CLC

Samuel Estreicher, Professor of Law, New York University of Law

Phillip D. Stanoch, Vice President of Labor Relations, MW Division, Roadway Express

March 3, 1992 Bernd Baron von Maydell, Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bonn, Germany

"The Impact of the European Economic Community on Labor Law"

Panel: Sheldon Friedman, Zygmunt Tyszkiewicz, and Marley Weiss

March 19, 1991 Alan Stuart Hyde, Professor, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

"In Defense of Employee Ownership"

Panel: Stephen L. Hester, Jonathan R. Macey, and Deborah Groban Olson

March 26-29, 1990 Clyde W. Summers, Professor, University of Pennsylvania 

"Unions Without Majority: A Black Hole?"

Panel: Edward B. Miller and Robert H. Stropp, Jr.

April 27-28, 1989 "Title VII at Twenty-Five" (1½ day national conference cosponspored with Bureau of National Affairs, Washington, DC)
February 9, 1988 Judge Harry T. Edwards, U.S. Court of Appeals

"Judicial Review of Labor Arbitration: What is Left of the Public Policy Exception?" Panel: Michael Gottesman, Bernard Meltzer, and Gerald Skoning

March 31, 1987 Mark A. Rothstein, Professor & Director of the Health Law Institute, University of Houston

"Forum on Drug Testing and the Workplace"

Panel: Tia Schneider Denenberg, Alan C. Page and J. Patrick Sanders

April 1, 1986 Alfred W. Blumrosen, Herbert J. Hannoch Scholar, Rutgers University Law School

"Forum on Current Issues in Equal Employment Opportunity"

Panel: Irving King, Thomas Meites, and Nina Stillman

April 9, 1985 Theodore St. Antoine, Visiting Alverson Professor of Law, George Washington University

Gerald McEntee, President, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

"Labor Law -- The Next Fifty Years"

April 10, 1984 Robert Howlett, Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett

Charles Craver, Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector"

April 5, 1983 Benjamin Aaron, Professor, UCLA Law School

Julius Getman, Professor, Yale Law School

Thomas W. Miner, Vice-President for Labor Relations, Chrysler Corporation

"Collective Bargaining in Today's Economy"

March 31, 1982 Roger R. Blanpain, Director of the Institute for Labor Relations, University of Leuvan, Belgium

"Transnational Regulation of the Labor Relations of Multinational Enterprises"

Panel: John T. Dunlop, Herman Rebhan, Richard L. Rowan and Richard H. Weise

October 30, 1981 Douglas A. Fraser, President, United Auto Workers

"Worker Participation in Corporate Government: The UAW-- Chrysler Experience"

Panel: Marvin Gittler, Harold Katz, Edward Miller, and Lee Shaw

November 20, 1980 Ray Marshall, Secretary of Labor

"The Future of the American Labor Movement: The Role of Federal Law"

April 9, 1979 John Fanning, Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board

"The NLRB: The Challenge of the Next Decade"



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