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Office of International Law and Policy

Asst. Dean Lydia Lazar

Week of December 19, 2005
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Fall 2005 - International Events

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Stop the Genocide in Darfur: Bribe the Chinese

Posted November 14,2005: You have to give the Bush administration’ s deputy secretary of state Robert B. Zoellick credit: he certainly appears to be doing the best he can to stop the genocidal violence in Sudan’ s Darfur region. He has been to the area four times in six months and, as was reported this week, has met with the President of Sudan as well as with the warring rebel factions. He has been ‘ fact finding’ in the refugee camps, he has listened to the African Union’ s peacekeeping commanders describe what is happening and he has listened to what the government officials responsible for the region have had to say. Listening and fact finding are crucial elements of diplomatic intervention and Zoellick is by all accounts a skilled and honest negotiator and deal-maker. But the violence continues; men, women and children are being senselessly murdered everyday by the so-called “janjaweed,” Sudanese government sponsored militia on horseback, and no amount of political discourse appears likely to bring these rampaging cowboys (janjaweed means ‘ gun and horse’ ) to heel.


Students who study at the University of Metz (France) this spring will be automatically matched with an internship in Europe. The spring semester at Metz starts Monday February 13, 2006 and ends on June 3, 2006. Internship lengths are negotiable and may include stipends and housing. The three courses (9 credits total) to be offered in English are Comparative Intellectual Property Law, European Union Law, and Comparative Constitutional Law. If you are interested please contact Dean Lazar immediately as the program will not be offered if there are not enough students signed up! room 320B 312-906-512


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