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Office of International Law and Policy

Asst. Dean Lydia Lazar

Week of February 20, 2006
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Fall 2005 - International Events

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Want to work in the Office of International Law and Policy?  

OILP seeks a student to work this term for 10 hours per week leading to a 20 hour per week position for summer 2006 and 20 hours per week for academic year 2006-2007. You should have an interest in and aptitude with international students and issues and be careful and meticulous with documents. Please contact Sarah Gillooly at for more information and to make an appointment to be considered for the position.

Foreign Service Exam - Deadline to apply is March 8, 2006

Why not consider taking the test for the Foreign Service? Click [here] for important information about this test, which is only given once each year.

Essay Competition: Lex Mercatoria and the WTO

Interleges (the international association of independent small-medium size law firms) will award a $4,000 and a trip to Zürich to the winner of the Stephen Rayner Award.  This competition is open to all law students and law trainees who graduated after January 2004 and are not practicing law at the present time. To participate in the competition the applicants must submit an essay on the subject of “Lex Mercatoria and the World Trade Organization Law in Relation to International Commercial Contracts.” The essay must not exceed 5,000 words and must be submitted before March 31, 2006. For more information about the eligibility and the submission requirements, please visit the Interleges website at


Summer 2006 – study abroad in Germany or work in China?

Chicago-Kent still has spaces left in the summer study abroad program in Augsburg Germany – contact Dean Lazar for details. If you would like to apply for an internship working in a Chinese law firm this summer, send your resume to Dean Lazar. There will be spots in Shenzhen and Beijing and possibly elsewhere, and these internships sometimes (though not always) come with housing and stipends.


Rule of Law on Trial

Posted January 18,2005: "Rule of Law on Trial" was literally the headline of the Bangkok Post as I arrived in Thailand on January 15. Angry over what many see as increasingly dictatorial behavior of the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra , crowds estimated at 8,000 -10,000 strong surged toward the Government House compound on Friday evening January 13th demanding that Thaksin resign. By 9:00 am Saturday, 40 protesters had been arrested for instigating civil disobedience, while hundreds of others peacefully dispersed, and the headlines stated "Demonstrators can’t be sued if no force used" and "Protesters have right to peaceful assembly." My mission in Bangkok is to teach Thai lawyers and others about the American legal system and our democratic traditions, and it seemed I couldn’t have found more fertile ground for the lessons on popular sovereignty and collective action that form the historical frame for the course. And with our own democracy threatened by an overreaching executive, perhaps there were lessons Thailand could teach us as well.


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