Chicago-Kent College of Law
Illinois Institute of Technology
Conflicts of Law
Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr.
Spring, 1999
Syllabus and course outline revised 14 April
Date Subject Casebook pages Notes or comments
  Traditional approaches    
20 Jan Torts, contracts 1-19  
21 Jan Property, public policy 20-40  
  Escape devices    
25 Jan Renvoi 41-52 "Renvoi discussion
Diagram for use in class 
Copy of Powerpoint slides
27 Jan Characterization 52-66  
28 Jan Substance v. Procedure 66-75  
1 Feb Statutes of Limitation 91-101 Supp. pp 59-60
  Modern torts    
3 Feb Range 103-129  
4 Feb Neumeier, etc 181-205 Restatement 2d sec. 6 

Restatement 2d sec. 145

8 Feb Is Neumeier the answer? 205-225  
10 Feb Professionalism Day   No class
  Contracts - modern    
11 Feb Choice of Law 231-255 Supp. pp 55, 57 

Restatement sec. 186 

Restatement sec. 187 

Restatement sec. 189 

Restatement sec. 191

15 Feb Party autonomy 256-277 Supp. pp 44-54
17 Feb Choice of forum 290-311 Supp. pp 57-58 

 Illinois statute 

 Diagram for class 

18 Feb no class    
22 Feb No class    
24 Feb Erie 
Virtual makeup class 
erieaa archives 
swiftaa archives
431-454 Supp. pp 61-64 
Conformity Act
25 Feb Problems in applying Erie 
Virtual makeup class
454-481 Supp. pp 65-76
1 Mar No class    
3 Mar Agreements to arbitrate  312-336  
4 Mar Midterm Review    
8 Mar World Wide Volkswagen 531-558 Supp. p 24 (Fed.
10 Mar International controversies 559-577  
11 Mar Property as basis (in rem jurisdiction) 578-619  
15 Mar European Community concepts  620-635  
  Constitutional restrictions on choice of law    
16 Mar Makeup class 

Time: 1145 to 1245 

Obligation to provide forum for transitory actions

17 Mar Allstate 401-420  
18 Mar After Allstate 421-430
  Recognition & enforcement of judgments    
22 Mar Full faith and credit I 637-646 Supp. pp 91-92
24 Mar Full faith and credit II 663-683  
25 Mar Foreign country judgments 684-717 Supp. pp 93-95
[Virginia case finding Internet domain names subject to garnishment to enforce judgments]
  Family Law    
5 Apr  No class
6 Apr Makeup class 

time: 1145-1345 

Treaty bases for recognition 





Supp. pp 98-1 

Supp. pp 136-16

7 Apr Child Custody 825-844 Supp. pp 170-18
8 Apr International problems 845-853 Supp. pp 184-196
12 Apr Same sex marriages - policy conflicts 862-868  
  International conflicts    
14 Apr Basics 869-892  
13 Apr [potential makeup]   time: 1145-1345
15 Apr  Public Policy 893-907  
19 Apr Jurisdiction to prescribe 908-926 Supp. p 197-200
20 Apr [makeup 1145-1245] Jurisdiction to prescribe 927-950  
21 Apr NO CLASS  
22 Apr Jurisdiction to prescribe 950-971  
26 Apr  True conflicts  971-end  

World Bank dispute resolution

28 Apr Civil and criminal cases securities regulation
drug trafficking
air piracy
29 Apr Pinochet    
3 May Pinochet II  Materials linked  
4 May Final Review    

Casebook is Andreas F. Lowenfeld, Conflict of Laws (2d ed. 1998); "Supp." refers to documentary supplement to casebook.

You must come to class and be prepared. 20% of your grade will depend upon class attendance and the quality of your participation. Attendance and participation requirements apply to virtual classes as well as to traditional classes. Repeated absenteeism will result in exclusion from the class and a failing grade.

You should regularly consult the electronic syllabus, to be found at

From time to time supplementary material and at least one "virtual" makeup class will be available through this Web site.

A three-hour final examination will be scheduled during the regular examination period. You may bring any materials, whether commercially prepared or not, and you may use a computer to write the examination, under the Chicago-Kent rules applicable to computer-administered exams.