1. Mr. Keller renegs on bet made to Ms Garcia in IL on Kentucky Derby; he bet on Nunca Triunfo, which did not win.

KY enforces bets; IL doesn't. KY choice of law rule says where "subject matter of bet;" IL says law where contract formed.

Ms Garcia sues Mr. Keller in KY; based on KY service-of-process rule which says, "jurisdiction over anyone served with process while in KY, and over any property attached in KY."

a. Keller takes a USAirways flight from ORD to DCA; served at CVG.

2. Suppose bet made in KY

3. Keller served in USAirways Charlotte LAX flight while over KY

4. Keller is sky diving from Lunken Field; wind blows over KY and then back to OH; Deputy One serves Keller while over KY.

5. Garcia serves writ of garnishment on Ms Reed while in KY; Reed hasn't paid another bet to Keller, for El Caballo Peor.

6. Serve by attaching Keller's automobile while in parking lot of CVG (for bet); he drove there to go skydiving

7. Serve by attaching Keller's automobile while in parking lot of CVG (finance co. suit for repossession)

8. Serve by attaching Keller's vacation home in Lexington; suppose only a 1 week time share? A hotel room for one night?

9. HHP served with Serb process while in Kosovo; defaming the Serbian secret police (SDB); default; try to enforce in IL; Serbia claims K still part of Serbia

10. state statute authorizes "personal service," equivalent in every respect to capias service, by email, if return receipt is received.