Suppose you represent Officer Cue. How should you present the following defenses?

  1. I am immune from liability under the state statute.
  2. The plaintiff has failed to exhaust statutory procedures
  3. I wasn't menacing
  4. He called me a Cro-Magnon
  5. He was drunk
  6. His grandmother was an Irish terrorist, and his grandfather was a British war criminal
  7. He is well known on the Northshore as a jerk
  8. Object snatching is a battery only in the race-discrimination context
  9. I did not move the flashlight in a threatening manner; no reasonable person would have anticipated a blow from it
  10. He grabbed for my gun
  11. He was physically incapable of producing his documents
  12. He cursed at me
  13. I didn't touch the wallet; I only reached for it
  14. I have qualified immunity under section 1983
  15. His intoxication causes his injuries; nothing I did was the cause

Suppose you represent the Village of Kenilworth. How should you present the following defenses?

  1. The plaintiff has not alleged a policy or practice that led to the violation of his 4th Amendment rights