1. Kris Lament was a shy sophomore at Rutgers University, majoring in music at its New Brunswick, NJ. campus. He also was gay. His roommate, Rav Bhutto, and his girlfriend, Dolly Jayson, constantly teased Lament about his sexual orientation. On several occasions, Bhutto attempted to set up a secret camera to capture embarrasing video of Lament.

Lament sent a complaint to the dorm advisor and two higher ranking university officials, asking to change roommates. The university did not respond. Bhutto and Jayson tried again and this time successfully captured video of Lament in bed with a male date. They posted the video on YouTube. Unable to deal with the embarrasment, Lament committed suicide.

Lament's mother, Jane, and his father, Harold, have filed a civil action in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey against Bhutto, Jason, Lament's dorm advisor in his individual capacity, and Rutgers University for wrongful death, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and breach of contract (Bhutto and Lament had each signed a standard-form university contract promising to "respect each other").

Harold is fired from his job as a teacher in a conservative private school in New Jersey, Homfobe, for "promoting the homosexual agenda," after he writes an article published in Wired magazine about the death of his son.

He adds Homfobe as a defendant in the lawsuit, adding a count in his complaint for religious discrimination under the New Jersey human rights act, alleging in language of this count, "the New Jersey act should be interpreted just like Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act." Harold is a liberal protestant Christian; the headmaster and all of the board members of Homfobe are fundamentalist Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

He also adds a claim against Humfobe for "Public Policy Tort," based on the public policy of freedom of speech and press under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Bhutto, before he entered Rutgers was employed by Blackwater as a "security consultant" in Afghanistan. Why there, he was responsible for detaining and torturing a second cousin of Harold's, named Lionel Luckless. Harold invites Lionel to join the lawsuit; Lionel adds a claim against Bhutto under the Alien Tort Claims Act, which authorizes damages for "violations of the laws of war." Lionel alleges that Bhutto violated the Internation Torture Convention, an international treaty.

Harold Lament is a citizen of NJ

Rutgers University is incorporated in NJ. Homfobe is incorporated in Utah, but its only school operation is in NJ.

Jane Lament is a citizen of France and has a green card.

Rav Bhutto was born in Boston and grew up there. He's been living in New Brunswick since he started school there two years ago. He wants to start a business in Pakistan when he graduates and make his home there. He has never been to Pakistan. Before the tragedy, he had been offered a very lucrative job with the Hoboken redevelopment authority.

Dolly Jason has always lived in Manhattan, in New York City.

Lionel Luckless is a citizen of Massachusetts.

Does the district court have subject matter jurisdiction over this case, or any part of it?

2. Danielle Moore owns DESTINED for a DESTIN DESTINation is an LLC (limited liability company), in which the sole member. Ms Moore is a resident and citizen of IL. Ms Moore has been meticulous in observing the company formalities; keeping separate books of account, carefully documenting transactions between her and the LLC, and the like. The LLC is generously capitalized. It has its main facility in Destin, Florida, with a subsidiary facility in Mobile, AL. It is registered as an LLC in Florida. Qwanchaize Edwards files an action for common-law negligence and fraudulent misrepresentation against the LLC and against Ms Moore in her personal capacity in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Subject matter jurisdiction? What arguments on both sides?