I, Hannah J. Jakowski, hereinafter known as the “grantor” or “settler,” transfer and convey the property referred to as the “trust property” in fee simple absolute IN TRUST to Julian A. Silva, the “trustee” for the purposes and according to the terms set forth herein.


The purposes of this trust are to provide aid, comfort and solace to the beneficiaries.

In particular, the purpose of the trust is to provide for the rescue and support of dogs and cats and other household pets


Julian A. Silva is the Trustee and the grantee of the trust property. If Julian A. Silva should become unable to perform his duties, he may designate a successor who must be a natural person and a citizen of the United States.

Trust property

The grantor/trustor’s fee simple absolute interest in a parcel of land known as “Le Bark Bois,” which the grantor/trustor hereby conveys in fee simple absolute to the Trustee on the date that this deed is executed and delivered, augmented by such other subsequent gifts or transfers of property from anyone as the Trustee may accept.


Dogs, cats and other household pets.

Trust administration and use of trust property

The trustee shall make available the trust property for the purposes of the trust. He also may, in his sole discretion, invest the trust property, for example, but not limited to, renting it, and use the income therefrom to achieve the purposes of the trust. To the extent the Trustee deems necessary, he may expend the trust principal, e.g., but not limited to, by selling it, using the proceeds for the purposes of the trust.


The entitlements of the trust beneficiaries are personal and may not be transferred intervivos. They may be inherited, or devised, however.


Upon the occurrence of any of the following conditions, the Trustee shall sell the trust property, if it has not already been sold. Proceeds from the sale, less any amounts expended for the benefit of the beneficiaries over the life of the trust and any reasonable expenses incurred by the Trustee, shall be transferred to my son Brad and his heirs. After such transfer, the trust shall terminate.

Termination conditions:

  1. if a snake is ever found on the property
  2. if a cocker spaniel ever enters the property
  3. if any small, yappy dogs, yap on the property
  4. if a cat ever scratches a dog on the property
  5. 21 years following the death of Justin Bieber


Hannah J. Jakowski /s/