Assume the Nelson-Meyer Band (NMB) has a copyright in the "The Ballad of Chunks" musical work and in the sound recording

A. NMB conveys (sells):

  1. The Right to perform the song publicly: Alina Benderskaya
  2. The right to sell CDs of the song until he graduates from law school: Ryan Gibson
    1. Then to Alexa Cubas
  3. The right to distribute .mp3 files of the recording until song sells 100,000 copies: Scott Salmon
    1. Then to Elizabeth Thompson
  4. The right to adapt the song for TV shows for one year: Julie Sieracki


B. What does the Nelson-Meyer Band have left?

C. Christopher Clasby enters American Idol based on the song; any liability? to whom, for what?

D. The Nelson-Meyer Band performs it at the next trio in stereo gig; any liability? to whom, for what?

E. I play the .mp3 file in class; any liability? to whom, for what?