Controversies among concurrent claimants

1. Barron and Lavino own CKunit, a condominium unit in Presidential Towers as tenants in common.

a. Barron lives there; Lavino never goes there. Lavino seeks rent from Barron.

b. Barron and Lavino both live there; each wants to sleep in the bed (not necessarily together). They quarrel over what shows to watch on the TV. They quarrel over whether to plant soybeans or corn on the back forty inches of the garden on the balcony. They sue each other to get their way. What cause(s) of action? What result(s)?

c. Barron, being stronger and tougher, and having many thuggish friends, never lets Lavino sleep in the bed, watch the TV, or enter the apartment. Lavino whines piteously, pounds on the door, demands to be let in, but retreats when a thug appears. Barron and Lavino sue each other. For what? Who wins?

c. Barron leases the unit to Gamble; Lavino sues for an accounting and half the rent Barron receives from Gamble

(i) Gamble says to Lavino, "come whenever you want; sleep in the bed, watch TV, drink the beer, cultivate the microgarden with whatever crops you want."

(ii) Gamble sets up a meth lab in the unit

(iii) Gamble has a Bengal Tiger and a cobra for pets

(iv) Gamble sets up a nuclear-weapon-in-a-suitcase testing unit in the unit, under contract with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, which is preoccupied with the possibility of PT becoming a terrorist haven.