Determinable interest hypos

Hypo A. A conveys Blackacre to PetSafe in fee simple, "for so long as the premises are used for rescue and support of dogs and cats and other household pets."
A moves to Oswego New York for the snow; lawyer reminds him of future interest
A sells "everything I own" to B
PetSafe liquidated in bankruptcy; Blackacre transferred to Ethanol Unlimited
A dies; son C is heir
B sues Ethanol to get plant
What result?

2 Same, except "in fee simple, but it is my fervent wish the property will be used forever for . . ."
3. Same, except "in fee simple, and PetSafe undertakes and promises that "
4. A.P.
Same as #1 except that C waits 21 years to sue
5.Draft a convenience involving a FSSCS; how does A.P. work then?
6. L.E. to D for pet facility, "for so long as"; A conveys everything I have left to E; E conveys to F before condition, after condition, before death, after death

Hypo B
MI property to Clay (he becomes famous as a Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)/Hunter Thompson type figure)
--For only so long as do not grant any interviews to Bob Woodward
--For only so long as grant reasonable requests for interviews by Rolling Stone