1.   Justin Poh, the owner/occupant of unit 201 in Trump Tower, sells James Alex, the owner/occupant of unit 101 in Trump Tower an easement, the deed to which says, “unit 201 will provide WiFi access to unit 101.” Poh sells unit 201 to Jennifer Crespo. Alex sells unit 101 to Dunstan Barnes. Crespo locks her WiFi point of presence so that Barnes no longer has access to her WiFi network. Barnes sues Crespo. His best theory? Likely outcome?

2.   Tom Griffin conveys FSA in Trumpacre to Rachel Brady. After the closing, he says to her, “Do you mind if I sleep on the couch?” She says, “No. As long as you want. You and all your descendants until the end of time.”

a.   Griffin begins sleeping on the couch. He buys:

                                                            i.      A new blanket

                                                         ii.      A specially designed refrigerator for beer, which fits underneath

                                                      iii.      A sink with running water, built in to the arm of the couch, and a compact closet, built in to the other arm

b.   After 18 months, Brady tells him to get lost. Can he stay?

c.    Brady sells to Riley. Riley tells him to get out. Can he stay?

3.   Brady responds to Griffin’s question, “That seems kinds of unwieldy, why don’t you use the second bedroom for six months?”

a.   Does it matter whether Griffin pays her anything, and how he pays?

b.   Brady immediately conveys a FSA to Riley

c.    Griffin sues Riley when Riley puts his jackhammer in the second bedroom. What are Griffin’s best theories?

4.   Hunter reserved easement for airplane landing strip  in favor of Big Boom hunting lodge across the street when sold property to Birdwatcher

·       Birdwatcher sold to Silence Golden, who had no notice of easement

·       Suppose same easement in favor of National Rifle Association?

·       Suppose Hunter had said to Big Boom, “you can land there whenever you want”

2. Restaurant access road

·       Servient gives permission for road across property to access restaurant; restaurant paid a “royalty” for use of road

·       Restaurant goes out of business

·       User buys restaurant land; continues to use road with permission of Servient while building vacation house

·       Servient continues to manifest permission

·       Then revokes by putting wire across it and no trespassing signs

3. Internet connection

·       lateral DSL optical fibre crossing ptf’s land to serve plot retained by original grantor was


(A). “taps” into servient cable connection

a.    sets up music site/porn site in reliance on connection

(B)Use of recording studio; way of resolving dispute; then sell to TP