The following uses and no others are permitted as of right in residential districts.

A. R-A and R-B Single Family Residential Districts

1. Single family dwellings.

2. Religious congregations. (Amended 8/2004)

3. Elementary schools.

4. Pre-kindergarten schools.

5. Parks, playgrounds, and municipal buildings and uses, including public libraries and public golf courses.

6. Private golf clubs.

7. Personal Wireless Services Antennae, with or without antenna support

3-103 3.2

structures and related equipment, but only if located on property owned or occupied by the Village and lying west of the Edens Expressway, subject to the standards in Paragraph 5-101D12 of this Code, and not including personal wireless services antennae located on a tower. (3/1999)*


3-106 HOME OCCUPATIONS Home occupations are permitted in all residential districts subject to the provisions of Section 5-103 of this Code.


A. Authorization. Subject to the limitations of this Section, any home occupation that is customarily incidental to the principal use of a building as a dwelling shall be permitted in any dwelling unit.

B. Definition. A home occupation is a business, profession, occupation, or trade that:

1. Is conducted for gain or support by a full-time occupant of a dwelling unit;

2. Is incidental and secondary to the use of such dwelling unit for dwelling purposes; and

3. Does not change the essential residential character of such dwelling unit.

C. Use Limitations.

1. Employee Limitations. The entrepreneur and every employee of a home occupation shall be domiciled in the dwelling unit where such occupation is conducted.

2. Structural Limitations.

a. No alteration of any kind shall be made to the dwelling unit where a home occupation is conducted that would change its residential 5-103 5.24

character as a dwelling unit, including the enlargement of public utility services beyond that customarily required for residential use.

b. No separate entrance shall be provided in connection with the conduct of any home occupation.

3. Operational Limitations.

a. Every home occupation shall be conducted wholly within a principal dwelling unit or permitted accessory structure.

b. No article on the premises shall be sold or offered for sale except such as may be produced in the dwelling unit by employees of the home occupation.

c. No mechanical, electrical, or other equipment that produces noise, electrical or magnetic interference, vibration, heat, glare, emis-sions, odor, or radiation outside the dwelling unit or any permitted accessory structure that is greater or more frequent than that typical of equipment used in connection with residential occupancy shall be used in connection with any home occupation.

d. No outdoor storage shall be allowed in connection with any home occupation.

e. No refuse in excess of the amount allowable for regular residential pick-up shall be generated by any home occupation.

f. Vehicles used in connection with any home occupation shall be subject to the requirements of Paragraph 5-101D4 of this Code.

g. The sale or transfer of firearms or ammunition shall not be allowed as a home occupation. (July 19, 2001 Amendment)

4. Signage and Visibility.

a. No sign shall advertise the presence or conduct of the home occupation.

b. No home occupation shall be in any manner visible or apparent from any public or private street.

5. Traffic Limitations. No home occupation shall generate more vehicular 5-104 5.25 or pedestrian traffic than is typical of residences in the area.

6. Nuisance Causing Activities. In addition to the foregoing specific limitations, no home occupation shall cause or create any nuisance, or cause or create any substantial or undue adverse impact on any adjacent property or the character of the area, or threaten the public health, safety, or general welfare, or be noxious, offensive, or deleterious to health by reason of the emission of odor, dust, smoke, gas, or noise.

7. Compliance with Applicable Laws. Every home occupation shall comply with all applicable federal, State, and local laws and regulations including, without limitation, obtaining, maintaining, and complying with regulations applicable to any required federal, State, or local license or permit.