Title Assurance basic hypos

  1. Suzanne Jackiw sells Whiteacre to Tyler Forni, never having owned it. Alexandra Beckov actually owns it
    1. Who wins in Forni v. Beckov?
    2. Suppose Forni records the deed?
  2. Ryan Hennekensells Blackacre, which he owns, to Jackiw, and then sells it again to Ryan Devall
    1. No one records deed
    2. Who wins in Devall v. Jackiw?
    3. Jackiw records
    4. Everything is correct on deed
    5. Deed says "property known as L'acre noir"
    6. Deed shows grantee as "Susan Jackie"
    7. Deed shows grantor as "Grant Orr"
    8. Deed shows grantor as "Hennigan"
    9. Deed says "all my real property, wherever located"
    10. Deed says "the property I got from my step-father."
  3. Henneken enters into a 5-year lease for Blackacre with Joaquin Sena before transactions described above
  4. Henneken grants a springing executory interest to Lorien Schoenstedt, "on my death"
  5. Molly Condon has been operating a metal recycling plant on Blackacre for 21 years; Condon sues Jackiw and Devall to quiet title in Martinez. Who wins?