1. Village of Glencoe adopts zoning ordinance
a. Reserving all vacant land for construction of low-income housing
b. Requiring that all sales of property offer option to developer of low-income housing, at a price not to exceed $1 million
c. Requiring that all purchasers intending to tear down existing structures, north of Park Ave. build single family-detached dwellings of at least 4,000 internal square feet; south of Park Ave., anything goes
d. Establishing music zones: M-1 classical; M-2 rock; M-3 country; M-4 rap; M-5 all other; M-6 no music
e. Same, but limited to music played outside residence
f. Adoption minutes recite: expert testified that health would be improved
g. Adoption minutes recite that several citizens suggested passionately

2. City of Highwood adopts zoning ordinance
a. Zone M-1: no children under age of 15 in area around mayor’s house

3. The Perpetuities Pair buys a 5-bedroom house in Glencoe and establishes a "music community" comprising five roommates who play music together. They regularly play "house parties," to which groups of 20-50 people at a time are invited and attend, paying $10 each for the privilege.

a. Does this violate section 5-103 of the Glencoe zoning ordinance?

b. If the Village authorities say that it does, what challenges to such an interpretation of the ordinance can be mounted?